Hi my name is Jennifer. I started swimming and diving competitively when I was just six years old. I’ve played most every sport, completed sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, 1, 1.5 & 2 mile open water swims as well as 150 mile bike rides. I’ve coached over two hundred women across the finish line of their first fitness events, including 25+ mile bike rides, triathlons, and open water distance swims.  I also coached my son’s soccer teams for 9 years. 

I know and believe strongly in the power of coaching.   I hire coaches for myself on a regular basis to help me, be the best Me that I can be, which in turn helps me be the best coach possible for my clients.  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being coached and everything I’ve learned as a coach and combined everything I’ve learned over the years to help me be a the best possible coach I can be.

I love to play and teach others how play, get fit, and have fun.  That's why I love what I do so much!  Through my health, wellness, and fitness coaching, I specialize in helping inactive people become active, as well as help people who are ‘stuck’ in their lives to get moving again, so that they can enjoy life more and enjoy more life

I meet people wherever they happen to be and work with them in a variety of ways because one size does NOT fit all.  Or even most for that matter.  We are all unique individuals and as such need what works best for us. I work with clients in a variety of ways. People can choose to hire me as a fitness coach, a wellness coach, an Equine Gestalt coach or a combination of the three.  I love helping clients’ journey to depths they never knew they possessed to discover strengths they never knew they had.

I love empowering and teaching clients how to create and step into the life of their dreams. My passion is to help people open their hearts to discover their passion, to help them see things in a bold new way and to stretch farther than they ever thought they could.  The key to a truly happy and successful life is to strengthen and deepen communication and connection with self and others.

I really will believe in you until you can believe in yourself.  A great coach believes in you while teaching you how to do your personal best and then sets you free.  As a personal trainer, a health and wellness coach, and an Equine Gestalt Coach, I design programs not only to train you, but to inspire, empower, and motivate you.  My goal is to continually put myself out of a job!

Once you have learned the skills, mastered the tools, built up your momentum and motivation techniques, you can continue to succeed on your own for the rest of your life.  Your success is my reward for a job well done.


Remember that Life should be fun!  

Jennifer Malocha,

Wuhoo Coaching



Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Coach

Certified WellCoaches© Wellness Coach

Motivational Speaker


AAS, ACSM, NSCA, AEA, ACE, EGCMethod™, WellCoaches©

If you are looking to get back in shape, but hate the gym, can’t seem to get motivated and even if you feel motivated, you can’t seem to stick with it, you need a Wuhoo Fitness infusion! Jennifer Malocha is realistic, authentic, creative and keeps her work-outs fun. I was one of those “can’t-seem-to-stay-motivated, easily distracted” desk jockeys. Now I’m a Wuhoo Fitness gal, having fun AND seeing results. If you want someone to take a look at your whole fitness picture, get and keep you motivated and have fun while doing it, call Jennifer.

- Sylvia Taylor