Horse Assisted Coaching is truly different than any other type of healing process that you may encounter. It involves the horse on a much deeper level — actually making the horse a part of both the exploratory process and the healing process. This means that Teddy the Wonder Horse and Super Calvin will be an integral part of your healing process. 

Horse Assisted Coaching can be used in a variety of life situations including: 

  • Releasing Deep Trauma, Loss or Sorrow
  • Learning how to Create and Enforce Healthy Boundaries
  • Gaining Clarity in any area of your Life
  • Creating Balance in your Life
  • Creating a 5 Year Vision for your Life


You can experience Horse Assisted Coaching on your own in an individual session or share the experience with another person or even schedule your own private group session.

Wuhoo Coaching offers both open and closed coaching groups that meet twice a month year round. Check the events calendar or sign up for our newsletter for days and times that groups meet.

Another way to experience the power of Horse Assisted Coaching is in a retreat or workshop setting. We offer these special opportunities throughout the year. Join our mailing list or check the events page for more information.

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“For me, the greatest impact working with Jennifer was the realization of my greatness. How valuable, smart, capable, spiritually sound and trustworthy I am because I’m trustworthy. This is HUGE!

Not knowing my value and my worth led me to choose unhealthy relationships, I allowed others to treat me disrespectfully, I didn’t know how to have healthy boundaries or to have boundaries at all unless I was angry. Now, after my life changing, life transforming work with Jennifer, I KNOW my worth. I KNOW my value and I KNOW that I can accomplish ANYTHING!

I’m now relieved of the bondage of fear that held me prisoner for so many years. My life is filled with peace and I trust myself - I’m FREE!
— Brenda B. OR