"Jennifer is one of the most energetic, compassionate and uplifting people I know. She is an awesome coach with so many wonderful gifts that she freely shares; she is highly intuitive, focused, patient, creative yet always so personable and kind. My husband and I had the pleasure of learning first hand about her Horse Assisted Coaching, and we were blow away by the dynamic duo of Jennifer, and "Teddy The Wonder Horse".  We are looking forward to meeting Calvin, and seeing the incredible results this trio will accomplish.  Jennifer is a dynamic Coach, and expert at what she does and her caring heart always comes through".

~ Cyndi ONeill - Dady Bothell, WA


I hired Jennifer because I felt stuck, unable to make progress on my own.  I felt out of control, powerless and helpless. I was insecurity and even though I’m only 30 I felt old, sick and tired.  I had all sorts of little aches and pains and I felt totally disconnected from my body. I felt totally unable to help myself

I felt like I couldn’t fix myself. I was so focused on trying to fix other people I couldn’t see a big picture. I didn’t need someone to talk to, I needed someone who could help me see the behavior patterns that weren’t serving me.

I realized that my health wasn’t just affecting me it was affecting everyone around me and all of my relationships. I was afraid that if I didn’t get better I’d lose everyone that was most important to me.

Even though I knew I needed to lose weight, I was afraid that when I lost the weight I still wouldn’t be happy. I had worked with a trainer before and was able to get in shape but I wasn’t able to make real, lasting progress. I knew that as soon as I stopped working with her I’d fall back into all my old habits and be right back to where I was starting from.

I felt and immediate connection with Jennifer and felt I could trust her.  She understands that in order to get lasting results both the physical needs and the emotional needs need to be addressed.

As much as I wanted to change, the work was hard, and at times I felt like giving up. With Jennifer’s unwillingness to let me give up on myself, I was able to keep going and the rewards have been life changing!

Since I began working with Jennifer I’ve been able to reconnect my mind and body, go hiking, travel with my husband - which I wasn’t able to do before, I’m more gentle and patient with myself, I enjoy more rewarding relationships with the people in my life who mean the most to me and I’m able to live the life I’ve always envisioned living.

~ Mary Fries Duval WA


I have a really hard time connecting with myself, with having any boundaries at all and of being vulnerable.  I thought the definition of strength was overcoming a series of adversities. I believed the only way to set a boundary was to get angry. Teddy showed me that I can set a boundary without anger, that there are different types of strength and that the best way to heal my life is to connect with myself.  I’ve discovered the power of asking for help and that others are loving.  

~Mary – Carnation Wa

I loved the safe, non-judgmental, welcoming experience of working with Teddy and Jennifer.  My big ‘Aha! was that I need to be the leader I need to be in my own life to heal my life. I know that I was able to gain that knowledge because of the care, comfort and love I experienced with everyone, especially from Teddy.  Shannon – Everett Wa.

When I came to work with Teddy I held a deep desire for release and to feel grounded.  I got all that and so much more! I felt vulnerable, that I had room to grow – to center, to move through life’s challenges. With Teddy I was moved to face things that I had no idea needed to be addressed. I gained the insight that I need to focus on my own challenges as opposed to ‘fixing’ others.  

~ Michele – Seattle Wa

I was amazed at the immediate emotional response that came as soon as I was with the horse. It was completely unexpected in a good way!  I would describe my experience as cathartic and freeing!  The only way to describe it was practical magic. Sylvia – Seattle WA

In her coaching, Jennifer comes from a place of deep authenticity that stems from her personal journey. Hers is a powerful presence that accelerates the coaching process at an experiential level and leaves lasting impact. 

~ Pam – Lynnwood WA

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I got exactly what I needed!  I really don’t have much horse experience but I felt that I had known Teddy for some time; it was very easy interacting with him.  I enjoyed this very unique way to learn more about myself and explore and dig into my emotions in a safe space. I left with a sense of peace and resolve.

~ Melissa – Kirkland WA

I really enjoyed the energy and focus. By staying in the present moment I experienced a deep and moving lesson utilizing the horse as a mirror for my truth. Fascinating! I’m taking away the lesson to ground myself and let life unfold. 

Malia – Seattle WA

My job was to lead Teddy (w/a rope) and the group, but he didn't (wouldn't) move until he sensed I was ready.   While standing parallel to me, Teddy stood alongside me and nuzzled into my neck -pressing in for about 4 or so minutes....but he wouldn't go when I started walking to lead.  -Lotsa tears when I finally realized what was going on.  He sensed that I needed to be filled up before I could lead.  That nuzzling/cuddling, etc. was what I needed and somehow he knew it.   I wish I had pictures of my actual work with Teddy so I can be reminded of my big Aha!  I need to receive love and support. 

Wow is an understatement.....

Thank you so much Jennifer, for the coaching you and Teddy did today!  Can't wait to experience one of your upcoming workshops!

Kim – Seattle WA

Even though I have a fear of horses I was curious about horse assisted coaching and I knew that I was safe working with Jennifer. It was a challenging, worthwhile and amazing hour in which I felt safe and supported the entire time. Working with the horse was very rich and honest; it helped me to experience emotional truths difficult for me to arrive at in other ways. I have experienced a 'tranquility' today that can only come from deep instinctive trust. Thank You Jennifer and Thank You Teddy. Mike - Bellevue WA

The only way to describe my experience is FAN-TAS-TIC! Thanks to Jennifer’s orientation, patience and gentle guidance I was able to feel safe and the result was I had a joyful experience.  Teddy was very patient, gentle and playful with me and I felt safe with him despite his size. He urged me to keep going, to move ahead. I grew up in the Bronx in New York so have had very little experience with animals especially animals as large as Teddy! The most important thing I learned from my experience is that big problems don’t have to be scary. I would recommend working with Jennifer and Teddy to anyone who is looking for healing.

Pete – Renton WA

You ever have one of those days when something comes to your attention and you say..."Sure! I'll do that" and then you actually do it and the result is one of the coolest experiences of your LIFE? I had one of those experiences today when I tried equine coaching with Jennifer and I say to you now - that "thing" you have the opportunity to do but are a little apprehensive about? Do it! It could change your life!  I know that mine did today.

Diane – Seattle WA

The Wuhoo Coaching Equine Gestalt experience is a unique, interesting and deep experience unlike anything else. From working with the horse I gained the insight that I need to rely on the wisdom and protection of forces bigger and more ancient than myself. 

Rachel - Seattle WA

I really liked Teddy’s big, supportive, gentle energy – he made me feel protected and loved. I was able to go deep and release a core belief, a core fear, that was causing me great suffering.  I loved Teddy & Jennifer’s gentle approach.   

Diane – Seattle WA

I was able to go unexpectedly deep – it was exulting, scary & moving all at once. I wasn’t fearful physically but I was emotionally.  I knew that Teddy had a BS meter and that I had to be willing to bear it all with him.  By whispering in Teddy’s ear I was able to release the fear that was holding me back.  Even though my session felt complete I look forward to more sessions to explore the deep well within me that needs to be released. 

Liz - Seattle WA

I had no idea working with Teddy and Jennifer would be so moving and loving.  I was moved through a process of healing rather than being set up and let go. Teddy accepted me, protected me and made me feel cherished. I have never experienced anything like it!  I came away with a profound feeling of peace. Deborah - Bellevue WA

I was curious to try horse assisted coaching and I trust Jennifer completely.  Working with my own horse I experienced the sense that the world can be a safer place.  My horse’s response of overwhelming kindness was truly a spiritual experience.   

~Linda – Bellevue WA

What I liked about working with Jennifer is that it increased my awareness of how my feelings affect my horse and it gave me the opportunity to explore my feelings and their meanings.  This was an insightful way to learn more about how my horse and I can feed off of each other – it’s a great way to build a better relationship!

~ Tori - Redmond WA