Are you tired of:

  • Pushing through blocks, resistance and old behavior patterns over and over again
  • Finding yourself in the same unhealthy relationship over and over
  • Longing to connect, REALLY connect with others but not being able to
  • Feeling like there HAS to be more to life than what the life you're currently living
  • Overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated
  • Falling short of your goals because of self sabotaging behaviors

Are you ready to:

  • Have healthy boundaries without anger, be the powerful Leader you need to be for your own life as well as learn how to tap into the power of BE-ing fully present
  • Experience being PULLED towards your goals and desires with ease
  • Deeply connect with others and enjoy meaningful relationships
  • Be in the healthy, loving relationship you deserve
  • Experience true abundance in ALL areas of your life
  • Feel great Joy, Energy and Excitement to be living the life you live
  • Achieve your goals and dreams and LIVE the life you LOVE

This exclusive all inclusive retreat is limited to 5 Women who are ready, able and willing to say YES! to themselves. Women who are ready to experience true and lasting transformation in their lives. To begin the application process you must schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation with Jennifer. To schedule your appointment email Jennifer at jennifer@wuhoocoaching.com

The retreat begins at 5 PM on Friday September 16 and ends at 5 PM Sunday September 18th. All materials, food, lodging and horse assisted empowerment coaching are included in the ridiculously low price of $1500 per person.

I hope that you enjoy watching the video testimonial below, for more video testimonials click HERE