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Do you have fitness goals you want to achieve? Or do you want to get more out of your career or personal life? Possibly you just want to find something in your life to give it that spark again? Jennifer Malocha's positive approach to life can help anyone achieve goals they have or find their true potential! She has a gift of asking deep questions that bring out the best in other people. Jennifer is able to help create a vision of your life you may not have ever dreamed imaginable. She breaks everything down into easy and small, obtainable goals that eventually brings everything into focus through a "Life Vision". Jennifer helps create a life that is balanced and feeds the soul! She is truly inspirational! ~ Ariana Balkan Bellevue WA

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Wuhoo Coaching's Ulitmate Transformation Package! 

If you’re ready to add FUN back into your life then this complete Transformation Package is for YOU! If you have a sincere desire to create balance, enjoy better health and experience greater joy in your life this package will teach you how to do just that!

This package includes:

  • One (1) Transformational Equine Assisted Coaching Session - this session is key for helping you unlock what keeps you from achieving the life you want as well as to help you remove the obstacle that has been holding you back.
  • Three (3) 30 minute Personal Fitness Training Recess Break Sessions which include a Full Body Strength Training Session using only your body as the only weights you'll need to create the body you want and the best part is that you can work out anytime, anywhere! A Customized Cardio session which will teach you how to maximize your cardio workouts by working out within YOUR best heart rate zones and a Body Stretching session which will teach you how to increase relaxation, improve range of motion and reduce pain in your body for greater overall health, wellness and joy.
  • Three (3) 30 minute Play Date Integration Coaching Sessions to help you stay accountable as well as offering you the support you need to achieve your Health and Wellness goals.

This incredibly POWERFUL and Unique package is only $450.00. If you're ready to begin Rediscovering Recess in your life, call today, to schedule a 15 minute complementary Laser Focused Phone Coaching session that will get you started on your journey of Playfully Learning How to Play Fully!