My Son is trying to KILL me!

So you know how I decided to make my health a priority by getting more fit active and healthier? My oldest son suggested that we try following and eating the 'Paleo' way for a month. Can I just say that it SEEMED like a good idea at the time? Keep in mind that this is the same child that when I put protein powder in my special coffee cake, in an effort to provide my family with more nutritious food, he would let me know in no uncertain terms that it simply wasn't nearly as good as my 'normal' coffee cake. 

I told my beloved child that I would be happy to join him on his eating adventure as long as it was 1) easy for me to follow 2) he did most of the work in regards to planning 3) I didn't DIE. Well I'm on my 5th full day of following this way of eating and let me just say for the record that generally it's a very good thing I'm doing. Generally. 

Did I mention that when following the Paleo way, one can eat NO, I repeat NO grains of any kind or potatoes or apparently hummus. So far over the past 5 days I've decided that a life without hummus is a life not worth living and have added it back into my repertoire. I've also slipped twice. Both times involved my favorite lime flavored corn chips.  I have done great not being tempted by one of my FAVORITE foods on the planet - anything baked or bread like. Seriously this is the longest I've gone without my beloved bread stuffs and pasta in my entire life! I deserve a medal or something. Really I do.

I'm pretty sure I'm going through withdrawal from not consuming processed foods (and corn chips) I've had the headache from HELL all day today. Granted that may have been from the tequila last night but I think that's just hearsay AND my 45 minute long walk in the woods didn't cure it so it MUST be processed food withdrawal. Right?  Also I'm not taking any multivitamins and my urine is yellow which is a sure sign that nutrients are gaining access to my poor traumatized system.  Honest to GOD, the thought of a potatoe chip makes me drool. Not simply because they are delicious but because of the texture. The crunchy yumminess calls to me like a siren calling sailors to their destruction on the reefs. I think it an important public service announcement to let you know if you happen to eat a potatoe chip in my ear vicinity you may lose some fingers or quite possibly your hand as I wrench it from your unsuspecting fingers.

Anyway, did I mention that no grains are to be consumed while eating Paleo? I'm seriously DYING for grains and I'm pretty sure that my beloved Quinoa misses me just as much as I miss it, which means that my child, who is hell bent on killing me with healthy eating is simply going to have to understand when he finds me hiding scarfing down a bowl of  healthy goodness. 

I'll keep you all posted on my progress on the path to a healthier and more slender Jennifer I promise IF my child doesn't succeed in killing me with all this healthy food I'm eating.

Here's to you in health, wellness and fitness Love Jennifer 206-601-2485

True confessions of an overweight, out of shape fitness professional...

How on EARTH can the scale be right?!?!? How did this HAPPEN?!?!?! WTF??? This SUCKS.

These were all thoughts scampering through my mind when I looked down at the scale I was standing on. I have known for quite a while that something needed to happen, that I really needed to get serious and start living life the way I used to before my brain injury. In all honesty I've never in my entire life weighed this much or been this out of shape. It's seriously daunting and, I admit, scary. 

I have always had great respect, love and compassion for my overweight, out of shape clients. The one thing I didn't have was first hand knowledge of how it FELT to be overweight and out of shape. I do now. Everything takes way more effort, I have so much less energy and drive, my 'fat' clothes are getting too tight and unfortunately I still have the same old appetite.

My respect for my clients have grown dramatically during this adventure. Their courage and perseverance is to me EPIC and heroic.  While I KNOW the rewards of being healthy and fit the vast majority of my clients don't, they simply TRUST that things will get better. That they'll feel better. That I'm actually telling them the truth. They simply live on faith and that to me is incredible and impressive.

The one thing they have going in their favor that I don't... Since they have nothing to compare their new level of fitness with they get super excited and motivated to keep going. While I, on the other hand, keep comparing what I USED to be able to do with where I am and trust me that isn't at ALL helpful.

As of April 6th I have made a commitment to myself to do at least 20 minutes of cardio daily, eat healthier and become overall more active. My goal is to keep you all posted on my progress.

Here's to you in health, wellness, fitness and love,

Jennifer Malocha

Head Coach and Healer at Wuhoo Coaching 206-601-2485

Shhhh... Please don't tell tell anyone my secret.

I learned years ago in a 12 step recovery program the phrase "We're only as sick as our secrets." The more secretive a person is the sicker they are. Secrets take a lot of hard work and energy to keep. At some point those secrets will catch up to the one keeping the secrets and wreak havoc in their life, and then all that hard work is for naught.

I took that phrase to heart when I learned it and have worked diligently to clear out all the secrets hiding in the closet. I've done a great job clearing them out and now I'm working on the last one.

The Big One.

The one I've told myself for YEARS. That all was right in my world, that my husband loved me and that we could be happy. All I had to do was love him more, keep the house cleaner, be different in whatever way he wanted and not make waves. If I did these things then he would KNOW how much I loved him and it would motivate and inspire him to love me back.

I had a healing session yesterday and one of the first things out of my mouth when she asked me what was coming up for me was "I just don't want to see the truth." I can blame my to be ex husband all day long for his actions but the truth is, I allowed his behavior by 'not wanting to see the truth.' This means I have to take responsibility for MY actions as unpleasant as that is.

Once we see something it can't be unseen.

What I choose to do about what I see is entirely up to me.

The truth is, is that I'm recovering from choosing to live willingly with my abuser. For subjecting my Sons to his abuse, especially my youngest Son. I have a lot to make amends for with my Sons, however, I have many more amends to make to myself.

I was taught from birth by my mother and father that all I deserved was to be abused. That's all I knew so when it my came time to choose my mate, that's what I chose. And I stayed because I chose not to believe that I had chosen an abuser.

Hindsight is 20/20

Sure I could beat myself up for my choices but what good would that do? No good would come from that. Who would that serve? No one, especially me. I'm choosing life. I'm choosing freedom. I'm choosing to heal all the wounds so that I can make myself whole.

No more secrets. No more lies. No more selling my soul for crumbs. No more sickness.

I trust that God and the Universe have a plan for me. I trust that I will be well cared for. I trust that by walking through this nightmare with my eyes wide open and allowing myself to feel all the pain, I will leave this part of my life behind me so that I can stand fully in the Beautiful life filled with Love and Joy that is waiting for me on the other side.

All I have to do is walk through the fire of purification to purge all the past so that I can break free from the trauma and the lies. I’m ready to take that walk because I Got This.

If you see yourself in my writing please know that you are NOT alone. That you do NOT deserve to be abused. That you ARE worthy. You ARE loveable. You ARE amazing. That you too can break free and breath the fresh air of Deserving. And that you don’t have to do this alone.

Huge Love to you all,

Jennifer Malocha


Crossing the Finish Line...

In a few short weeks I'll be crossing the finish line of my 40's and entering into a new and exciting event which will be my 50's. I crossed a LOT of finish lines in my 40's. And I mean a LOT!   

My fitness events include crossing the finish lines of 5K's complete with obstacles, 10K's, 100+ mile bike rides, Sprint & Olympic distance triathlons and 1, 1.5 & 2 mile open water swims. I've collected many finisher medals, all of which I'm extremely proud of. Professionally I've coached over 200 beginner athletes, most of whom were women, across the finish line of their own fitness events and as proud as I am for my accomplishments, in many ways I'm much more proud of them for theirs.

I signed up for the Warrior Dash in June, it's a 5K run with obstacles. I did this event a few years ago but this time it will be a VERY different experience for me and not just because I'll be 50. My TBI (Traumatic brain Injury) took a very large toll on me physically. My journey back to being as fit as I was has been pretty challenging. I used to be able to ride my horse for hours without being sore. A little tired perhaps but never sore. Now I ride for 30-40 minutes and I'm SORE for a couple of days. I even get kind of sore from a brisk walk 3 mile walk and I've noticed that I breath a lot harder than people when walking briskly up a hill. Sigh. That person was always someone else, not me.  Again, sigh...

Everyday I have a choice. I can choose to continue to move forward to the best of my ability or I can give up and throw in the towel. I'd be lying if I said I always make the choice to move forward. There are days that I throw in the towel. More than I care to admit. The important thing for me, is that I go find that thrown towel, pick it up and keep trying. So far I've always wanted to find my towel, which is in many ways, is the most important part of achieving my goals. After all how can I cross a finish if I've truly thrown in my towel?

Here's to thrown towels that keep getting picked up.

Love Jennifer Expert Towel Finder <3

Adventures in recovering from a TBI... (Traumatic Brain Injury)

This past year I've experienced some huge changes.  I've earned my certifications in both the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and Indigenous Wisdom Studies programs. I've traveled to Colorado, Virginia, Hawaii and California. I became a published author for the 2nd time. I gave motivational speeches to different groups. I added another horse to our family, his names Calvin. I rode both Teddy and Calvin with Buck Brannaman for 4 days. We are in the midst of an extensive remodel of our home - while living in it! I sustained a serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in March which I'm still recovering from and a Porsche lost control and literally landed upside down 2 feet from where I fell trying to escape it.

Most all of the things I listed are great things, (granted I wouldn't volunteer from another brain injury or the Porsche) however even great things come with their own amount of stress.  The TBI has been not only my greatest challenge this year, it's also been my greatest learning opportunity.  For 2 months I couldn't drive a car, I wasn't allowed to elevate my heart rate for a month and a half, I couldn't watch TV or be on the computer or even read for very long.  Even having a conversation was draining.  I had a speech therapist, a special balance physical therapist and of course a brain specialist.  

The hardest part of having a brain injury is that I look fine. I'm not fine, but I look fine. My brain specialist referred to me as one of the walking wounded. Almost 10 months later I still experience symptoms. Imagine waking up every single day with a hangover but never having had a drink the night before. Some days the hangover is worse than others, it's always there. The headache, the spinning, the disorientation, the nausea and the tiredness all while feeling physically fit and able.  If I push too hard through the 'hangover' I make it worse. The only thing that makes the hangover go away is to rest. Rest not just my body, but rest my brain while it repairs itself. For someone who has always been extremely physically active this has been a real game changer. Seriously the only thing that heals a brain is not using it, for anything.  I’ve spent a LOT of time meditating over the past 10 months.

Some imagery I've come up with to help give understanding to what is happening inside my brain is to have people pull up an image in their mind of a natural disaster. There is wreckage and debris everywhere.  That's what the inside of my brain looked like. Now imagine living somewhere your whole life then moving away for a while, like say going to college. When you come back home everything is familiar but things have changed while you've been gone so it's disorienting. Now imagine a skyscraper under construction. Imagine the sparks flying as the welders are welding the metal skeleton of the building together. 

The blow to my head scattered all of the information stored in my brain destroying the connection and synapses. Natural disaster. My brain stored things wherever there was a space for it, whether it went there originally or not which is what creates the disorientation. New things in the neighborhood. New synapses are being constructed so that both sides of my brain can once again communicate. Welding the skeleton. 

While being injured but not looking injured has had its challenges the learning and growth I've experienced as a result of my injury has been enormous. Every day I am granted a certain amount of what I call 'energy credits'. I get a different amount every day and different activity 'cost' different amounts. The cost of different activities changes daily as well so I never know how many energy credits I get to spend or how quickly they'll be used up. I do know that once they're used up a switch gets flipped and my brain turns off. At which point all I can do for the rest of the day is rest.

While I've been getting more energy credits to spend over time and things are beginning to cost less, I still have to be extremely careful how I structure my day so that I can accomplish all the tasks that are the most important to complete. At this point you may be asking how this is different than everybody else. A fair question. A few short months ago I could only have a maximum of 5 important things to accomplish on my list. There were days that my list was simply to feed animals, walk dog, make dinner, train client(s), clean horse stalls. A year ago my list looked like: train clients, attend a networking event, run errands, clean house, walk dog, ride horse, clean stalls, feed animals, help mother, answer emails and phone calls, cook dinner, go out with friends. Today the list is a longer but nowhere near what it was a year ago.

A list of a few of the activities that I used to enjoy that I’ve discovered that I can’t do yet and have no idea if I’ll ever be able to do again include biking, golfing, softball and jogging. I’m taking the healing process one day at a time, trying my best not to focus on what I can’t do but on what I CAN do. I do my best to focus on the fact that 8 months ago a 3.5 mile walk took me over an hour and a half and today it only takes me 45 minutes. Looking at what I could do a year ago versus what I can do today isn’t helpful and is really frustrating.

A great TED talk by Jane McGonigal had me in tears because she was able to articulate the frustration that comes with a TBI as well as sharing a game she created to help make life better for those of us facing a health challenge.  While I have heard quite a lot about Post Traumatic Stress during Jane's TED talk I learned about something called Post Traumatic Growth. Until I watched her talk I'd never heard of such a thing!

This huge shift in energy has resulted in my reprioritizing what’s important and how to best use my time. For example if I attend a networking event that’s all that I plan on accomplishing for the day because it is so draining for me energetically. Things I used to get all fuzzed up over no longer phase me because I simply can’t afford the cost energetically any more. This is part of the experience of Post Traumatic Growth. Reprioritizing what’s important in life. I’ve also been blessed with deepening my compassion and understanding for those who are deconditioned. It’s HARD to make the choice to get up and get moving. Its HARD not to get discouraged because it is such a challenge to move. I know the rewards that wait for me on the other side of my effort because of all the years I competed and all of the fitness challenges I completed. There have been times over these past 10 months that it’s been so hard that I almost gave up. Those who have never been active or competitive don’t know what’s on the other side of the effort, they just have to trust and believe that it will get better. That’s a pretty tall order for anyone.

While it’s been pretty frustrating and continues to be I’m extremely grateful that I’m merely inconvenienced because had I not been wearing my helmet I would no longer be here.  Yes indeed, this past year has seen some pretty big changes for me and my family.  I do know that I'm not alone when it comes to experiencing changes in my life. Many other people have experienced some big changes this past year too. While change isn't always easy it is a natural part of life.  The ups, the downs and the sideways events are what go into creating this thing we call life.

In the end, for me, it’s how I learn to navigate the changes that happen as well as learning and growing from the different experiences that determine the overall quality of life.  I can focus on being discouraged, depressed, angry and just want to quit OR I can choose to feel my sadness, express my frustration in a healthy way, look for and embrace the learning being offered and stand in gratitude for all I am blessed with. The choice is entirely mine as it is for you as well.

Here's to change, growth and gratitude. 

Love Jennifer



My feet take steps which carry me forward

Ahead is the life that is to come

Farther I travel from what I've always known

At times I feel lost within the mighty labyrinth that is life 

Uncertainty plagues my every step to fill me with fear and doubt

I feel separate and alone

That is until I remember

I'm not alone nor am I ever truly lost for I cannot lose my way

All I have to do is stop and go within

My truth, my guidance, my peace, my connection to the world are waiting

All of me is waiting for my return to the secret garden of my soul

~ Jennifer Malocha


Quick Tips for Navigating The Holidaysay (as well as other Holiday Meals!)

Survival Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

• Skipping breakfast and lunch is a sure recipe for overeating at the Thanksgiving table.

• Our bodies aren’t meant to handle 2,000-3,000 calories all at once and will store excess calories as fat.

• Better to eat smaller amounts and drink lots of water throughout the day and really enjoy a healthful dinner.

• Control your portion sizes: Draw a 12-inch dinner plate in your mind and divide it into three-inch-sized circles with each one representing one food group: proteins, vegetables and starches. The key is to stay within your circle for each food group: If you like turkey and ham, fit a little of both in one circle.

• If you’re worried about the food choices, bring your own low-calorie dish or veggie tray to family gatherings.

• Be active: Go for a bike ride, a long brisk walk, a run or spend at least one hour at your local gym to burn calories before the big Thanksgiving meal.

• Plan a family event that involves physical activity—a pick-up game of basketball, a snowball fight, a long brisk walk outdoors or a family bike ride—before, during or after the big meal.

• Be mindful of your alcohol intake: Mixed drinks tend to have high amount of concentrated sugar and quickly add empty calories. One glass of wine may be reasonable, but remember alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram, which makes it nearly twice as fattening as carbohydrates or protein.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness


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Dear Life - I can ride as fast as YOU can run!

Have you ever have one of those days where everything is just humming along and all of a sudden "BAM!" everything is changed? I had one the other day. In a moment of panic I forgot that I really CAN ride as fast as life can run. In that moment of panic I forgot everything that I knew about riding things out.  I forgot that I am totally capable of being fully relaxed and in control - regardless of the speed.

I've found that when I forget that little nugget there's usually pain involved for me. This time it happened to be physical pain accompanied by emotional pain. I'm not sure at this point, which pain is worse. The things that I can say to myself in times like this usually are WAY less than kind and compassionate. I do however have a choice. I can choose to continue down the path of second guessing my actions and judging them OR I can do my best to learn from what happened, remember the lesson for future use and simply move on.

Right now, in this moment, (if I dwell on the “coulda, shoulda woulda’s”) the most frustrating thing for me is the knowledge that by staying calm I would have avoided a great deal of unpleasantness.  Hindsight IS 20/20 after all!

By the same token, I can choose to look at all of what’s happened (and continues to happen) as a wonderful learning opportunity.  I must admit that the blessings I’ve received have been numerous and many have been completely unexpected.

Yes, the pain I feel is very real. Yes the pain is only temporary, I will definitely heal.  Yes, my future in this moment IS uncertain. Yes, I am up for the challenge.  It is my hope that the next time I find myself in a similar situation I WILL remember that I can ride as fast as life can run.  That I CAN stay calm and relaxed. That there is no need to panic. By staying calm and relaxed I’ll make the best possible decisions in the moment for my highest and greatest good.



I’m intrigued to discover what will unfold as I walk through the journey that is unfolding before me right now. 

Here's to you in Wellness, Fitness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Coaching

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You Keep Eating Like That And You’re Gonna Get Fat. You Know What – YOU ARE FAT

My first ever guest blog post written by my very DEAR Friend  Sherman Owner of Discovery Horse Healing, Posted in DH Blog I hope that it touches you as deeply as it did me.  Enjoy!  Jennifer Malocha

“You keep eating like that and your gonna get fat.

You know what, you ARE FAT!”

i love meA recent journey into the absurd left me with a shift in perspective and some serious self-awareness. It came at an unexpected time and caught me completely off guard.

It happened in a concession line when a woman strategically moved to the front of the long line ie. she budged! I made the choice to question her and was not received well. In fact, she became quite defensive and began sharing all the reasons she felt justified in her line advance, “You’re all getting sandwiches and I am just getting pop.” Quite the assumption on her part considering the other 15 of us bundled in snow gear hadn’t shared our orders with anyone. She continued to openly share reasons that justified her belief that her needs were more important than the rest of us. She got her Fanta and my son and I got lunch.

Deep breath. Moving on.

Or so I thought.

I sat down with my slice of pizza and my son’s cheese curds and started typing away at my laptop while my son went back to snowboarding. It was easily 15 minutes later and she pops around the corner and says (rather loudly):

“You keep eating like that and your gonna get fat. You know what, you ARE FAT!”

She walked away.

Another deep breath.

Did that really just happen? Is this a flashback? Am I an adult? Is SHE an adult?

I tried to let it roll off my back, I tried to hold the tears back, but they came. There was so much wrapped into that experience. I was the ‘fat’ girl as a child and reminded of that repeatedly by fellow classmates. I have struggled with body image and weight my entire life. I had a clear choice in that moment. It was a bit of an out of body experience. I saw two choices:

  1. Own her accusation, feel the shame that came with her words. I tried this on and it felt GROSS! It felt heavy and dark and ugly and hopeless and familiar. I was already planning the inevitable diet that would fail. There was a lot of anger and so much Shame because she was screaming my truth at me. I was willing to take her accusation and make it mine.
  2. See her pain and realize her words had nothing to do with who I was. It was her own shame speaking in that moment. She wanted me to hurt as she hurt. I tried this on too. It felt empowering, it felt light. It reminded me of what Miguel Ruiz teaches in the Four Agreements “Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally… Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.” I could see in that moment that this was her story and her pain and I could choose to own it or I could walk away in compassion and leave the story behind.

Now, in all fairness there was a bit of truth in her statement…… Eating cheese curds and pizza isn’t a slimming decision and, in retrospect, I wish I would have had the ability to thank her for her concern. As it happened, I was rendered speechless. But you know, there’s some freedom in seeing the facts and letting go of the story. I could definitely be making better food choices and yes, I would like to lose some weight. There is no shame in that without the story “I am bad, incomplete”.

There was a woman and her baby at the table where I was sitting. They witnessed the entire exchange and my tears. She walked over to me and said, “I don’t know what just happened I LOVE ME!!!!and I don’t know you, but we wanted to come over and give you a hug and tell you there are good people in the world”.

I could easily have turned this experience into a New Year’s resolution seated in shame, as many are. My intention would have been to lose weight based on the belief that I am inadequate. And with this belief as my motivation, I would be destined to fail because regardless of my weight my belief will still be “I am inadequate”. That unhappy woman gave me a gift that day. She gave me the opportunity to see how far I have come in releasing shame and loving myself. For most of my life, number 1 felt like my only choice. I chose number 2 this time and set an intention of a different sort. Instead my resolution is to honor myself and make choices accordingly. I invite you all to do the same.

how much is enough?

I was sitting eating my lunch and thinking.  I was thinking about my business, in particular rebranding. The first time I saw the Wuhoo Fitness logo I fell head over heels in love and I REALLY wanted to be able to use it in rebranding from Wuhoo Fitness to Wuhoo Coaching. I was struggling with how to incorporate the equine & phone coaching elements into the logo. I may have mentioned before that I have wicked cool Friends - well the combined talent of two of them were able to create something that I'm falling in love with. It’s still a work in progress but it is super close.

I asked a special group of friends to give me honest and authentic feedback, so far the feedback has been very positive. As I was pondering the comments about how it so nicely incorporates all the different things I do I started to think about all the individuals I've worked with over the past 10 (going on 11!) years that I've been working with clients.

To date I've helped over 200 Women cross the finish line of their first fitness event - triathlons, 5 & 10K's & 25+ mile bike rides. This doesn't include the one on one & small group clients reaching personal goals or coaching clients achieving personal bests as well as profound break throughs.

If I go deeper and include my volunteering the numbers grow larger and larger. I host a free 5K on New Year’s day, I coached my Sons' soccer teams for 9 years, volunteered in their classrooms, taught Sunday school at church, was a Swim Angel for the Danskin triathlon in Seattle for many years and gifted my motivational speaking to Cycle the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) bike ride.

The number of lives I've touched is substantial, why is it then, that I feel a need to give more, do more, BE more? Which leads to the BIG question - how much is enough? Or more precisely when am I enough? I’m not sharing what I’ve done in an effort to have people think ‘wow – you’re so amazing’, quite the contrary.  I’m sharing this with you because for a long, long time I’ve felt that in order to be almost as good as everyone else I have to do, give and be more.  I’ve been working on healing that though.

Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we HAVE to do it.  I’ve been learning this over the last year and a half.  I have a lot of knowledge, I have many gifts, I know how to drive to make things happen.  Right now I’m learning balance.  I’m focusing on doing the things that I love, that bring me joy, that make my heart sing.  I’ve been working on creating breathing space that is restful, not just for me, but also for those who interact with me.

My Teacher and Mentor Melisa Pearce, the creator of the Touched By a Horse program, shared a perspective and story with me that has had a profound impact on my life.  What if I’ve done all that I’ve come here to do?  What if now all I have to do is enjoy life?  What if one day I was standing waiting for a bus when a man walked past me. He wasn’t paying attention and was about to step out into the street in front of a bus. I reached out and pull him back saving his life.  He thanks me and keeps going on with his day.  What if that man went on to discover a cure for cancer.  What if the whole reason I was alive was to be there, at that exact moment, to save his life? What if that was my life’s purpose?

I’ve become very mindful of what I do and why I do it.  I always enjoyed giving of myself in the ways that I have in the past, but now it’s different. I still give of myself but I do it from a very different place.  I give from a place of joy and I give because it brings me joy to give.  I no longer feel the need to drive, to strive, to do more and be more.  Now I just want to BE. 

Where are you driving in your life?  Is it serving you?  Do you feel you have to or do you feel you get to? If there are places in your life that you’d like to create more peace, consider coming to one of the Equine Assisted Group Coaching sessions I host the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month from 2-4 pm, it’s only $30 per person and the comments I get is that at $30 it’s a steal. But come find out for yourself, the life you heal could be your own…..


Here's to you in Wellness, Fitness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Coaching

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

It is a beautiful and yet unusually cold morning as I sit down to write this post. So much has happened in the time between this post and my last post. I had NO idea that I would find myself where I am today living the life that I'm living. Today my life is filled with Love, Peace, Connection, Joy & TRUE Friendship. It's a FAR cry from the darkness & despair that I lived the majority of my life in.  


The darkness & despair came from growing up in an extremely physically violent house where I was told that I had no worth, I wasn’t wanted & that I was a burden taking up space better used by others. Very early in my life I turned to drugs, alcohol & risky behavior to numb the pain & keep the darkness at bay. I was well on my way to being a statistic when I saw the light... it was blue & behind me pulling me over for a DUI when I was 20.  


That was the real beginning of the FANTASTIC journey that I've been on ever since. I've been through a LOT of therapy which has provided incredible healing. The most profound healing has come as the result of my horse Teddy. We had a rather tumultuous beginning to say the least! I'd only been taking riding lessons for a little over a year when I decided that I NEEDED a horse. You see I'd wanted a horse as far back as I can remember but never had one in my life in any capacity.


When a person gets their first horse the smart thing to do is get what's called a 'school master', essentially a very well trained horse that will babysit a beginner. I don't always do things the easy or the smart way... Teddy was an off the track race horse who had raced for 9 years that was going to be put down because he was overly aggressive. When I met him he was in a rescue, I knew that he wasn't trained but I also knew that he was kind. My heart just knew. He was my horse.


Both of our learning curves were STEEP to say the least LOL! As I was feeling my way through learning horsemanship skills as well as how to ride, I discovered that there was a direct parallel between what I was going through with Teddy and what I was living out in my human relationships. I began to notice the darkness receding further and further the deeper my connection with Teddy became.


About two years after I had gotten Teddy I decided that I really wanted to share the incredible healing power of horses with others which is how I found the Touched By a Horse Equine Assisted Gestalt Coaching certification program. I graduate from the program in April after 240 in person, intense training hours along with 100 hours of class time, plus homework & 1 on 1 coaching time with my own coach for a grand total of 400 hours of training.  

The Touched By a Horse program literally has changed my life in so many wonderful and positive ways. Ways that I never imagined when I began this miraculous journey. I have no idea where my journey down this path will lead in the end but I DO know it will be wondrous. It will be filled with even MORE love, peace, fellowship, connection & continued personal growth. 

 If you are curious about what Equine Assisted Gestalt Coaching IS please come to one of the drop in coaching groups I offer the 2nd & 4th Friday of every month from 2-4 PM. No horse experience needed just curiosity and a willingness to discover.  It's only $30 per person, if you bring a friend then it's only $30 for both of you.


Here's to you in Wellness, Fitness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Coaching

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Cycle the WAVE - Women Against Violence Everywhere

A few weeks ago a tragic event happened in a small community on the Pacific Northwest.  A man suspected of killing his wife in 2009 who was still under investigation killed himself and his sons during what was supposed to be a routine supervised visit.  Wives, girlfriends, significant others in same sex relationships & children are injured & killed every single day in every city in every country around the world.  This isn't something that only happens to poor people in poor neighborhoods.  This is an equal opportunity illness that can be found in any home, anywhere.

Did you know that the higher the income bracket the less likely domestic violence will be reported or even BELIEVED?  Apparently it's hard to believe that affluent, well educated people are capable of domestic violence.  About six months ago in Seattle a prominent physician killed is partner and their child, you see the partner was planning on leaving the doctor because he was afraid for his life.

As I said Domestic Violence can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.  I can share story after story after story.  It's time that we as a society say we will not stand for violence of this kind.  Five years ago a group of women who ride bikes together decided that they wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  They put their thinking helmets on and came up with an all women's bike ride where 100% of the proceeds go to domestic violence support services and prevention programs. 

Last year was the 4th annual Cycle the WAVE bike ride and the Cycle the WAVE Foundation was able to give a grand total of $100,000.00 to 3 separate Domestic Violence support programs: Eastside Domestic Violence Program (EDVP), Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN) & New Beginnings. Pretty impressive Girlfriends I'd say!

This year Wuhoo Fitness and Cycle the WAVE have teamed up to offer a training program for women who want to ride the 25 mile Girly Girl route.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this partnership!  To find out what what women are saying about the training program watch this short video ~

Space is limited to only 25 athletes and spaces are going fast so don't wait to reserve YOUR spot, do it today.  Official registration opens on March 1st but you can reserve your space by emailing me directly at put Cycle the WAVE training in the subject line.  When was the last time YOU did something for the first time?  I look forward to training with you and helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

Talk about a win - win!  Be a part of the movement that raises money and awareness in the fight against domestic violence AND get healthier while making new friends.  Where else can you help someone in need at the same time as you help yourself?  Come on and catch the WAVE with me and Ride Like a Girl.

Here's to you in Fitness, Wellness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Women - We are the 52%

As I write this post I feel such sadness, anger and an incredible level of frustration towards not only the men in power making some very, VERY bad decisions but also the women in this country who are supporting these men.  These women are rallying behind the Pro Life banner without taking the time to see what else these men have hidden & wrapped up in the banner which include basic freedoms and protections of our rights.  To me whether or not you happen to be Pro Life or Pro Choice I really want to believe that you ARE for basic freedoms and protections of our rights as women. Let me site some examples of what I'm talking about.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) on February 16, 2011 refused to allow women to testify before the House of Representatives in a hearing about the Obama administration's new regulation requiring employers and insurers to provide contraception coverage to their employees.  Chairman Issa stated that he would not let any women testify before the committee on the basis that this was not a reproductive health issue but a religious freedom issue.  Apparently women don't have a right to have a voice about religious issues.

If you'd like to hear the contraversial testimony that Sandra Fluke was planning to make, here it is

But wait! There's more...  Virginia is all set to pass a pair of anti-abortion bills that will require women to be subjected to what is called a "trans-vaginal ultrasound," but only if the "egg-is-a-person" bill doesn't pass first.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa has blocked reauthorization of a bill that protects women from domestic violence.  Apparently Senator Grassley doesn't want gay's to have the same protection as women so he's willing to take that protection away from women as well to make sure of it.

In Oklahoma Bill 1433 was passed which effectively bans ALL abortions.  This includes life saving abortions where the mother will die if she has the baby, Invetro Fertilization would qualify as mass murder - couples will no longer be able to BECOME pregnant. 

Last week Rush Limbaugh went on a long rant about contraception, abortions and women on his radio show. The diatribe(s) of intolerance that this man utters is without end.  Here is a sample of this weeks gems from the Huffington Post...

Limbaugh was indignant about the hype around the issue. "Why is contraception so important that it must be paid for by somebody else?" he demanded to know. He asked why contraceptives are "a must-have" in comparison to toothpaste, hotel rooms or a car.

"Why are so many people afraid of birth?" he wondered.

Limbaugh then asked why the Democratic party would want to limit pregnancies, arguing that it makes money from abortions. He alleged that Planned Parenthood is part of "a money-laundering operation for the Democrat party" and that the organization "is rolling in dough" from providing abortion services. "So why would the Democrat party want to make sure that there aren't any pregnancies?" he challenged.

He asked why Democrats seem to "fear" pregnancy, claiming that they treat it like "a disease" and a "great health risk for women."

"Could it be that Democrats fear kids?" he wondered. "I mean, they are aborting their own people. The vast majority of people having abortions are Democrat voters."

I wonder if he ever actually listens to what he says. First he says that Democrats make money from abortions yet questions why Democrats support birth control.  Um, excuse me but wouldn't Democrats be AGAINST contraceptives and birth contro if they were interested in making money from abortions? 

I'm not quite through yet - On Thursday afternoon MSNBC aired quotes from Rick Santorum super supporter Foster Friess:

In a simpler time, there were other ways to deal with female sexual desire. "Back in my day, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly," he said Thursday on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, setting the host back for moment.

The general conversation was about Santorum's past statements about contraception, who once said that it was "harmful to women."

Who knew that an aspirin between the knees was all it took to prevent a pregnancy! 

These men in power even want to Re-Define what constitutes as rape.  Wow REALLY?  I don't know about YOU but MY definition of Rape is having sexual intercourse against my will. PERIOD.

Ladies, we make up 52% of our Nations Population, if we don't start standing up RIGHT NOW for our basic rights and freedoms we won't have any to stand up FOR.

I've now put my Soap Box away...... For now that is ;o)

Here's to you in Fitness, Wellness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Pro Choice? Pro Life? Pro Komen? Pro Planned Parenthood?

I watched 'The Fall' of a mighty and what I thought was a noble foundation this week in shock and dismay.  From day one the message touted by the Komen foundation was one of access to health care for ALL Women regardless of their financial situation or their political or religious beliefs.  The Komen Foundation was a beacon of hope for millions of Women and now no matter what they try to do they have lost loyal followers forever, their brand has been tarnished beyond repair.

The reason given was they would not fund an organization under investigation.  Unfortunately they didn't apply that 'rule' to every organization they fund.  One senator decided to investigate Planned Parenthoodto see IF government funds were being used inappropriately.  To date nothing has been found to substantiate the accusation of misuse of government funds.  However Komen Foundation funding to Penn State University will continue.  This school covered up the known rape of children for YEARS and is the reason new legislation is being created to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

I must be missing something.

Conservative Senators have stated that well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is perform abortions.  The fact is that abortions are maybe 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, the other 97% is to provide affordable health care for Women in need.  Yep that's pretty bad and sinful.  Bad, Naughty Planned Parenthood.

In order for our world to heal we need to start focusing on doing what's RIGHT.  That includes honoring the fact that we all are entitled to our opinions, our beliefs, our political views and our right to choose what is right for us without being demonized by those with an agenda.  If we start focusing on our similarities and stop focusing on our differences we CAN change the world. 

I respect those of you who feel strongly about Pro Life and I would like to ask that you respect the fact that I feel strongly about Pro Choice.  Whether or not I choose to have an abortion is no one's business but my own.  When I stand before God it will be me and not you who will have to answer for my sins and it will be God who judges me.  God gave us free will for a reason, HE gave it to me and no one else, especially a human, has the power or the right to take it away.

Here's to you in Fitness, Wellness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Half Marathon Training week 2

So far so good, although I'm pretty sure that I'm certifiabley insane.  After only a few training runs I started to think that doing a Half Ironman was a good idea too.  I mean after all if I'm already trained for a Half Marathon why not add a mile and a half open water swim and a 56 mile bike ride?  Boom done!  I haven't signed up yet but I'm seriously thinking about it.

It's funny, I've come a long, long way in only a weeks time.  Last week I was hoping to be able to jog a mile and ended up doing 3.  Well on my 4th training run I was able to go 4.7 miles in about the same amount of time I did 3.7 in.  Of course I was so wiped out from pushing that hard I didn't do my next training run.  I need to remind myself that it's okay to push but not to push so hard that I end up missing training runs.  I have a plan and all I have to do is stick to the plan and I'll finish the Half Marathon with legs to spare.

It's interesting how I do the exact thing in different areas of my life not just my fitness goals.  I get excited and push harder and farther than what I had planned on then run out of steam before reaching my goal.  When I just take small consistent steps towards my goals I complete them.  Hmmm - funny how that works!

Anything is possible even a Half Marathon but it's important to be smart so that I don't injure myself which could potentially prevent me from achieving my goal.  A long time ago I learned  about something called Kaizen.  In a nutshell it means that it's better to change 10% ten times than 100% all at once.  If you think about it - if we change by even 10% ten times, that number ends up being much greater than changing 100% all at once.  I'm a HUGE advocate for small changes over time because I KNOW that those small changes yield HUGE results!

Are ready to stop pushing too hard too fast and start making small changes that yield HUGE results?AWESOME!!!  What small changes will you commit to doing today?

Here's to you in Fitness, Wellness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Training For a Half Marathon Week 1

I'm currently training for a Half Marathon. This is a very big deal for me because distance running has always been a challenge. I don't think twice about doing a 2 mile open water swim or a 150 mile bike ride but the idea of running 13 miles? YIKES! I'm doing the run with a dear friend of mine so I have a workout and accountability partner. I created a totally doable training program that over the course of 20+ weeks will bring us to our goal of running 13 miles. The weak link in the training program is me.

I went out for my first training run to see where I was starting from - I had guessed a mile but was pleasantly surprised that my starting point was 3 miles.  That's a BIG difference and has a serious impact on my training program.  As I was out jogging, and I do use the term 'jog' in the broadest possible manner, the biggest challenge I came up against was in my head.  I call it the Committee.  You might not know my Committee but I'm fairly certain that you may have one of your own. 

The Committee is made up of all those voices in my head that tell me why I can't or shouldn't do something.  They were powerful my first day out!  It started with "It's cold", followed quickly with "My legs are tired", not to be outdone one of the voices piped up with "who do you think you're kidding you'll never be able to jog a mile let alone 13!"  The committee kept repeating the litany of reasons why this whole Half Marathon thing wasn't going to work and was certain I'd come to the realization on my own soon enough.

As powerful as the Committee can be I know how to beat it at it's own game.  I fight those voices with the voices of the members of my Dream Team, well them and great music.  I also play games with myself like picking out a tree and telling myself that as soon as I get to that tree I can slow down.  Since I am just beginning my training I don't care how fast I jog, I can jog as slowly as I need to I just can't stop.  I'm pretty sure that I walk faster than I jog right now but as I said I don't mind because I know I'll get faster with each training run.

Giving myself permission to go as slow as I need to as long as I don't walk is a powerful training tool.  Knowing how to speed up and slow down gives me a ton of options during my training runs and allows me to go farther than I thought possible which really shuts the committee up.  I may not set any speed records and I'm okay with that, after all in April I'll be celebrating my 48th birthday and being able to complete a Half Marathon at the age of 48 is something to be very proud of.  When was the last time you challenged yourself and your committee to setting and achieving a personal best goal?  Why not make today the day to challenge yourself?  I believe in You and soon enough you'll believe in you too.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Low to No Cost Workout Options

As a fitness expert I sometimes forget that people have a certain picture in their minds that 'exercise' looks a certain way and that if they aren't exercising in that way it's not exercise.  The reality is exercise is simply being active.  You can get a great cardio and strength training workout just cleaning the house.  Using our bodies as weights is one of the very best ways to get in shape. Doing push ups, sit ups and squats you will give you a full body workout and when you combine that with something like walking or even jumping jacks you'll get cardio thrown in as well. 

If getting and staying motivated is a challenge then find a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker to be your workout/accountability partner.  It's harder to bail on a workout if someone else will be doing it with you.  Even though I'm a fitness professional sometimes I don't want to do my workout and with all the different hats I where it's easy to find reasons why I can put off my workout. When I experience the 'I really don't want to do my workout syndrome' I rely on what I call my 'Dream Team'. 

My Dream Team are the people in my life that I rely on to help me stay focused and motivated.  These are the people I can call, email or text that will help hold me accountable.  I can reach out to these people when I REALLY don't feel like doing my scheduled workout, they encourage me when I'm down and they celebrate with me when I achieve a personal best.  The reality is that even though I LOVE fitness I don't always feel like working out and the reason I'm sharing this is to help encourage you to stay on track.

Back to low to no cost workout options.  Pretty much every city has some sort of discount program such as Groupon, Living SocialAmazon or Bloomspot that offer huge discounts on a variety of things including services.  I see discounts on yoga, personal training, dancing, rock climbing, gym memberships to name just a few different types of activities.  These specials are a great way to try a variety of different types of activities for very little money.

There are also some great fitness web sites that offer free exercise libraries.   One site I really like is the IDEA Health and Fitness exercise library which includes videos of the different exercises.  Another site I like is the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) exercise library. I don't always agree with the difficulty rating that they give the exercises but I do like the exercises themselves.

I hope that this gives you some ideas for low to no cost workouts and for staying motivated.  As always please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have.

Here's to you in Fitness, Wellness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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The single MOST important thing you can do for your health

I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog.  It's funny how things come up in life that can distract me from doing the things I don't want to do as well as the thing that I DO want to do!  My husband Mike was telling me about a great video he watched on the other day that really made an impact on him.  I looked it up and had to keep myself from telling the screen over and over and over I'VE BEEN SAYING ALL OF THIS FOR YEARS!!!! 

I love the format that this information is presented in, I love the simple high impact science behind the information and I just plain LOVE the information!  It's a short, fun, easy to watch video about the one simple most important high impact thing you can do everyday for your health.  Please watch the video, share the video and most importantly DO what the video suggets.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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How Coachable Are You?

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a horse clinic taught by a wonderful instructor named Ricky Quinn. Some people find Ricky gruff or challenging to get along with.  Me?  I think he's GREAT! He's no nonsense, direct and tells it like it is.  He doesn't sugar coat things but he is never cruel in what he says or how he says it.  Maybe it's easier for me to work with someone like Ricky because of all the years I competed in sports. I had a LOT of different coaches, some were better than others and only a few were great.  I started swimming and diving competitively when I was 6 years old which also may have helped me learn how to be coachable.  I learned early that if I wanted to get better at whatever I wanted to do, I had to do what people who were better than me told me to do.  Seems simple enough right?

Over the 4 days I watched people who obviously wanted to learn to be better really struggle.  They wanted to learn but only to the point that they were comfortable letting go of their fears.  The thing with horses is that they are a direct reflection of whatever energy you send out into the world.  Their actions and temperament are the outward manifestation of what is going on internally for whoever’s working with them.  Ricky said repeatedly in order to go someplace that you've never been you have to go places you've never gone, as well as, in order to get things you've never gotten you have to do things that you've never done.  I want to go one step further and add that you have to become willing to do both of those statements as well as add one of my own.....  Nothing changes until something changes.

I know that going into the 4 days I was filled with ALL sorts of conflicting emotions.  Part of me wanted to show Ricky how far Teddy and I had come since last year, part of me wanted to be the ‘star’ student but mostly I really, really wanted to just show up and learn how to be better.  The first day both my horse and I were pretty distracted.  Teddy was picking up on what was going on inside of me and bless his heart, was displaying it beautifully.  On day 2 Ricky took both of us to task, in different ways of course but it was essentially the same conversation.  After that we both were on our best behavior, really focused and working as a team. 

I wasn't hurt or offended by what Ricky said to me because he was telling me the truth.  In that moment I could have chosen to listen and take what he said to heart or I could have gotten offended and thought 'What a jerk!'.  How often has a friend tried to tell us something that we didn't want to hear?  How did we react? How often have we NOT told a friend the truth because we had a pretty good idea how they would react?  When someone gives us the gift of telling us the truth and delivers it in an honest, non judgmental way, do you accept that gift?

Last week I wrote about fear, resentment, insecurity and judgment, I’m writing about it again this week because it’s such an important topic.  It’s funny to me that these are key things in my life that I have the opportunity to look at on a regular basis.  When I look around and watch others, it seems to me that they struggle with these things as well.  When we learn how to be more comfortable in our own skins we will be able to take a broader view and not take things so personally.  When I work with my coaching clients I teach them how to be observers in their own lives in order to help them identify the area’s that no longer serve them.  I do this by asking them to be aware of when they engage in certain behaviors and then mentally say to themselves, “Hmm.. isn’t that interesting.”, with no judgments, just pure observation.  I then ask them what emotions come up as the observer and what the exercise was like for them.  Without exception they are amazed at the things they learn about themselves and the coolest part is that they can let go of old behavior patterns that no longer serve them. 

Last week I ended the post with “My wish for you this week is to take a step back and look at whatever situation you find yourself in, in which you are struggling, so that you can see what part is yours to own and change.  If I don’t like a situation then it is up to ME to change how I am showing up so that I may change the situation.  Remember that nothing changes until something changes and I invite YOU to be the change in your own life.”

This week I would like to ask that you step back and say to yourself: “Hmm, isn’t that interesting.” And see what comes up for you.  I’d love it if you’d be willing to share your experience of what this exercise was like for you.  I’m so very grateful for all the Ricky Quinn’s in the world because without them it would be much harder to grow into the people we can become.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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Random Thoughts and Kindness

It's been a while since I've posted and during that time I've thought about LOTS of different things, some of which I'll share and some I won't.  Isn't it funny how we get caught up in our day to day lives and just get busy with the simple act of living day to day?  It's during those times that it can be challenging to step back in order to see the bigger picture.  Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing about some of the things I've experienced over the past couple of months and the insights I've gained.  Hopefully you'll find at least some of it helpful and worthwhile. 

Here's a list of a few of the things I've been up to:

  • Moving my mother out of her home of 30+ years into a retirement home.  She did NOT want to move.
  • Spent a week in Montana at a guest ranch riding 60+ hour during that week and felt like I was drinking riding and horsemanship education out of a fire hose!
  • Received advice from well meaning people about my horse.

These things may all seem unrelated but they have much in common. Each contained fear, judgment, insecurity and resentment.  Some of which was mine and some of which belonged to others. In challenging and stressful situations it is extremely easy to feel insecure and judge the situation, yourself and the people involved.

When I took a step back both emotionally and mentally, I was able to see each situation more clearly.  I was able to see the part I played in each of the unfolding ‘drama’s’ as well as which parts belonged to me and which parts didn’t.  Being able to see my part in each situation enabled me to decide what I wanted to do and determine how I wanted to ‘show up’.

The situation with my mother was supercharged with years of emotional baggage, judgments and resentment on MY part.  When I was able to step back and see how afraid she was and how scared she was I was able to bring desperately needed compassion into the situation. Was I able to hold onto that compassion the entire time? No but the compassion I did bring helped tremendously.

When I went to Montana I went someplace that I’d never been, to be among people I’d never met all by myself.  I admit I was a little scared and in my insecurity I could have gone become defensive in an effort to ‘protect’ myself.  I did my best to remain open and trainable because I was there specifically to learn how to be a better rider and get better at my horsemanship skills. I was only one of two guests at the ranch that week which was amazing.  The woman I shared the week with said something to me that I took to heart and have pondered on ever since.  I was talking about sharing my experience over the week and she said that it was okay to keep it all to myself as a gift to myself. WOW what a concept!  I also had the epiphany that at any time I can be whomever I choose to be.  I can be anyone and share any story I want at any time.  I don’t have to be the story I’ve been telling myself my entire life, I can be the story of my dreams!

I’ve ridden with the same people a few times and sometimes when I ride with them my horse is very well behaved and sometimes he isn’t.  I’ve been told that I should get rid of or retire my horse and get a different one because he is unsafe.  These people absolutely have my best interest at heart however they are basing their assessment on a few random samples which creates a relatively small snapshot view of the entire whole. In a way it’s like looking at granite samples.  A small sample of granite may look completely different than the entire sheet and in fact usually does!  It’s easy for all of us to make a judgment about a situation based on what we think we see, sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re not.  When we do this we are basing our judgment on our own ability, our own fears, the knowledge that we posses and applying it to someone else.  None of us ever really knows what someone else is capable of because we aren’t them.

In the weeks to come I will write more about each of these experiences in greater depth and the gifts that I received from each.  My wish for you this week is to take a step back and look at whatever situation you find yourself in that you are struggling with so you can see what part may be yours to own and then change.  If I don’t like a situation then it is up to ME to change how I am showing up so that I may change the situation.  Remember that nothing changes until something changes and I invite YOU to be the change in your own life.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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