Everyone Needs an Angel Sometimes

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation and feel yourself begin to spiral down the slippery slope of self doubt? I find it so interesting what we can tell ourselves that are so untrue but for the moment we believe those voices in our heads.

I had the privilege to be a Danskin Swim Angel a few weeks ago - a swim angel is not a life guard but someone who essentially talks the swimmers down from the proverbial ledge. All these ladies know how to swim and are extremely capable but what happens is that they start to get ahead of themselves mentally then the inner critic chimes in and all of a sudden they can't swim anymore.

It is so easy to tell by the looks on their faces that this is happening. By calmly and gently talking with them and asking them their name then talking about how beautiful the day is then on to what they do, how many times they've done the Danskin and just bringing them back into their bodies they calm down and then they realize that they are fine. Once they realize that they're fine they can continue on with the swim so that they can get on with the next part of their goal.

It struck me how we all do this in our own lives in various forms - we are going along just fine and then boom - all of a sudden we don't know how to continue. When in reality we are just fine we just forgot because that inner critic has quietly let themselves into our head to begin to whisper those nasty nothings. This in turn leads to the beginning of the slippery slope of self doubt.

Then an Angel steps in to remind us of how amazing and fabulous and capable we are. These angels take many different forms - they can be dear friends, spouses, clients and even strangers that say or do just the right thing at just the right time. They remind us to focus on our strengths not our weaknesses, sometimes they hold our hands and walk with us a ways and sometimes they just hold us until we feel strong enough to stand up and start moving forward again.

Even though it is fantastic to be an Angel who steps in to lend my strength, it is even more powerful to let others step in to be an Angel for me. In allowing others to be an Angel for me, I strengthen my receiving muscles, which I find are not my strongest muscle at times, and I allow someone else to give the gift of giving.  It is in the giving and the receiving that miracles can occur. Well that and when we have firmly in mind our intention of the outcome of what we are working on and walking towards.

On Saturday I held a very impromptu auction that I pulled together in about 3 weeks to raise money for my Big Scary Bike Ride. I called it my Big Fun Party and it was! Thanks to all the Angels in my life we raised over $2500.00 that will go towards MS research. By not trying to do this all by myself and opening my heart to receive the gifts of help from all those who offered in their various ways I gave them the gift of being a part of something bigger.

I held the focus that I really wanted it to be a fun evening and raise money for a good cause. Things did not always go as expected and I had a few slippery slope moments but when all was said and done by sharing my vision and reaching out to others we were all able to accomplish something that was much greater than what any one of us would have been able to accomplish alone.

More and more my knowledge is strengthened that we are not meant to be solitary in this life - we are meant to be a part of each other. That we are meant to reach both up for assistance and down to help others up so that we may all move forward in a powerful, loving, supported way. We really aren't alone, just look around at the people in your life and do your best to see them through your Angel eyes and then thank them for being the Angels that they are. We are Angels for others every single day whether we know it or not.

Thank you for being my Angels - Love Jennifer