It Seemed Like Good Idea At the Time

Have you ever agreed to do something that was pretty far away and thought 'hey no big deal I have plenty of time to do this thing, get ready for this event, etc.'? Then as the time approached way faster than speed can normally travel you find yourself thinking 'well it seemed like a good idea at the time?' That is pretty much how I'm feeling right about now.

Way back in February when I decided to take on this goal I thought no big deal - I have plenty of time all I have to do is train. Well I have trained and my sore bum is proof of that but with each longer training ride it seems that the goal I reach for is just that much further away. Will it be too far?

This in turn brings doubts and fear and reasons why it wasn't such a good idea and what on earth was I thinking to take this on....... then add to this whole mental tirade oh crap I've pretty much told everyone in the known universe that I was going to do this. Was I INSANE?!?!?!?

When I am finally able to breathe again I remember that all I have to do is my best because that is all anyone of us can do on any given day. I know that when Saturday September 13th and Sunday September 14th roll around I'll be out there on my bike doing the very best I can to complete my goal.

My dear friend Annelise Digiacomo (who I think is trying to kill me - think long brutal hill climbs) has been a great source of encouragement, strength and a fantastic training partner. Her faith in me and my ability has never faltered so I guess I'll just have to rely on her belief in me until I can believe in myself.

I am glad that I do take on the challenges that 'seem like a good idea at the time' because if I didn't I wouldn't stretch myself to do my best and be my best and challenge the comfort of my comfort zone so that I can find out how amazing I really am and THAT is a good thing! Also when all is said and done it really is good for me - kind of like eating brussel sprouts.