I Just Don’t Have Time to Workout!

If this sounds like something that you would say then read on. Sometimes fitting fitness in takes some creativity along with determination. The first thing that all of my clients do when they begin to work with me is to fill out a grid that starts at 5 AM and ends 10 PM Sunday through Saturday. I have them put all of their weekly commitments down in the grid and then we take a look to see where there might be a few gaps in their schedule to fit fitness in. If you work Monday through Friday you can take regular breaks throughout your day to get your heart rate up by walking up and down the stairs a few times, sit and stand in your chair for one minute, do push ups on your desk.

If you watch TV in the evening march in place during the commercials, fold clothes, vacuum, do crunches or do bicep curls. Did you know that a one hour TV show has 20 minutes of commercials? Just think you can get a 20 minute workout just doing exercises while watching TV! If your children are involved after school activities or sports ask one of the other parents to go walking with during your child’s activity. When you are out running your errands, park as far away from the stores as you can to get those extra steps in.

I know the reality of a busy life – trust me! As a wife, mother of two active teen age sons, a dog owner, the house ‘manager’ and a small business owner my time is a very precious commodity. However I know that if I don’t make time to take care of myself I can’t do the greatest job taking care of those who rely on me the most. The greatest gift that I can give my loved ones is the gift of self care because when I take care of myself I have the energy to be my best for those that mean the most to me.