Into the Darkness and other Matters of Safety

I was driving home last night and I saw a person out for a jog.  It was after 6 so as you can imagine it was pretty dark.  I was thrilled to see that he had safety lights on his front but then as I passed him I was dismayed that he forgot all about his back.  The evening before I passed by a guy jogging that was dressed in dark colors with NO reflective gear at all, to me that is just asking for trouble.  On another occasion I saw a mom out jogging with a jogging stroller - she had lights on the back of the stroller but not the front.  I'm not sure what she was thinking with that one.....

Since winter is upon us it's super important to be safe when we are out exericsing in the dark.  You can pick up reflective safety vests at any sporting goods or running shoe store or even online.  They're pretty cheap, under $10 bucks and make ALL the difference when it comes to your safety.  It's safe to assume if you are out at night or the early morning hours dressed in dark colors people will not be able to see you.

All Addidas wear has reflective accents which helps make you visible when it's dark and now days many of the high end shoe brands have reflective accents on their shoes.  I believe in bright loud clothing at all times and I really go for broke if I'm going to be outside when it's dark.  I want very much for people to see me because if they see me the chances of them hitting me are greatly reduced.

Whenever I jog on the street or ride my bike during the day I make sure that I make eye contact with drivers and get a head nod or some sort of acknowledgement BEFORE I cross in front of them.  I feel confident that they don't want to hit me but if they don't see me then there is a good chance that they may hit me.  And quite frankly it's up to me to be safe.

So when you go out in the dark for your workout please make sure that you can easily be seen by choosing reflective clothing, adding a safety vest and even a light to help make you more visible to traffic.  Remember to make yourself visible on the back and the front.  If you are out in the dark with a dog there are some really cool collars that light up and reflective collars as well.  After all we need to keep our 4 legged workout buddies safe too.

Here's to Your Health and Wellness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness