Staying Fit Through the Holidays

It's funny but for me the holidays usually start somewhere around September and keep going through July so getting through the holidays is ultimately just sticking to my fitness routine.  Granted there are events throughout that time period that can throw me for a loop, if I'm not prepared.  You know which ones I'm talking about - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers day, Fathers day, 4th of July and then throw in all the birthdays and an anniversary or two and there seems to be a celebration every month.

I know that during the winter Holidays there is an over abundance of really yummy food combined with the fact that it's dark most hours of the day which can lead to having our clothes feel a little more snug.  It's during these times that tracking my training and having a plan is imperative to staying on course for my health and fitness goals.

The number one tool that I use for tracking my training is an integral part of Club Wuhoo - the powerful eFitness Tracker.  It allows me to schedule and track my workouts, track my food and create meal plans (complete with shopping lists!), track my fitness progress and by using the workout wizard which has access to over 1000 video clips of different exercises I can create different workouts.  Granted I do have an advantage when it comes to creating workouts but I supply each new Club Wuhoo Member with a workout that they can use as a template for creating a new workout for themselves.

Another critical 'tool' that I use is having a workout buddy.  For those of you who have been following this blog for a while you know that I believe that having a workout buddy is critical.  We naturally will be more reluctant of let someone else down than we are of letting ourselves down.  Plus it's a lot more fun to workout with a friend.  I find it interesting that my oldest son had this epiphany while at college - he said "You know Mom having a workout buddy is really important.  There are times that I don't want to workout but I know that my workout partner is waiting for me so I go even when I don't feel like."  Pretty smart for an 18 year old!

Another cool feature of Club Wuhoo's eFitness Tracker is the ability to share information, you can share both workouts and menu's with any friend you choose.  We are all more powerful when we work together as a team.  Again for those of you who have been following this blog remember the importance and value of having your own Dream Team to help support you with your health and fitness goals.

Years ago I learned an acronym for TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More.  I loved this so much I share it with people all the time because it is SOOO true!  I decided that in the spirit of TEAM and the spirit of the season I am offering my blog readers membership in Club Wuhoo which includes eFitness Tracker for only $9.95 a month for as long as enjoy membership.  This is a savings of $10.00 a month off the regular price of $19.95. 

This offer is my way of thanking you for reading my blog each week - I appreciate you!  In fact for those of you who sign up this week I will throw in not 1 but 2 different workouts just for you AND if you email me at with Club Wuhoo in the subject line I will give you a bonus workout - that's 3 different workouts just for you.

Here's to your Fitness, Health and Wellness,

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness