Sometimes we have to Recieve in order to give....

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do something nice for someone and how good it makes you feel?  I can think of many instances in my life that I have given without thought of personal gain and how very good it made me feel inside knowing that I had helped someone.  I also can think if many times that I didn't allow someone to help me because I didn't want to bother anyone......  wow how selfish I was!  By not allowing others to give to me I withhold the opportunity for others to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside you get doing good for others.

Abundance is about Giving AND Receiving not just giving.  It's funny how receiving can make us feel uncomfortable but it's in learning how to receive that we really learn how to give.  If you think about balance from a muscle perspective in your body it may be easier to understand the importance of working both 'muscle' groups for abundance.

Picture what your arm would look like if you only ever worked your biceps (front of your arm) and never worked your triceps (back of your arm).  What would your arm look like?  Big and strong and robust on the front then you turn around and the back of your arm is all weak and spindly.  Not a pretty sight!  That is what your abundance 'muscles' look like if you don't practice receiving.

Just like working out start slow and build.  If you haven't been working your receive muscles then take it slow.  If you're at the store and they ask if you would like help out LET THEM - I know you can do it yourself, I know, but this is a great place to start after all it istheir job.  When someone says something nice to you say "thank you" then bite your tongue.  Do not under any circumstances argue with them why you think they're wrong!  If they feel strongly enough to compliment you please be gracious enough to receive their blessing.

It is when we open up ourselves to both give and to receive that we enjoy true abundance in our lives.  After some practice it won't feel so uncomfortable to receive in fact you may even realize how good it feels.  Sincere giving combined with sincere receiving will help change the world I'm sure of it.  Are you willing to help me find out?  I sure hope so!  For the next week try saying yes when people ask if you need help and say "thank you" when they give you a compliment - then come back here and post what it was like for you.

I look forward to reading about your experiences!

To You In Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness