There's No Such Thing As Under Eating...... Or Is There?

The most common thing that we hear about is over eating which is indeed a problem however something that we don't hear about is under eating.  When people decide that it is time for them to lose weight the first thing they do is eat less - a LOT less.  The at the same time they decide to start working out which in itself is not a bad thing the problem occurs when  people create too large of a gap between how much they eat daily and how many calories they burn daily. 

It is super important to fuel your body so that it can perform at the highest level possible.  Here's an example for you - if you were planning on going on a 400 mile road trip and you had a quarter tank of gas and you drive a hummer would you be able to reach your destination on that quarter tank of gas?  No - you'd run out of fuel long before you reached your destination.  Now lets apply that to increasing your workouts and decreasing your food intake.  If you are eating only 1200 calories a day and you are expending 1500 calories a day then you will put your body into famine (or starvation) mode which means that your body will hold onto every single calorie it can and store it as fat.

When Michael Phelps won all those gold medals he was consuming 10,000 calories a DAY, everyday.  He had to otherwise his body would not have been able to perform at the level it did.  Okay I know that none of us are Michael Phelps but we still need to provide our bodies with ample nutrition and calories to fuel the demands that we place on our bodies.  It's amazing when I convince clients that they need to eat more calories a day they initially don't believe that they will lose weight but when they start giving their bodies the fuel it needs they do indeed begin to lose weight. 

Keep in mind that I am not encouraging you to eat unhealthy foods, I am encouraging you to eat more food with a focus on healthy choices.  The reason that this works is because their bodies are no longer in survival (famine/starvation) mode so their bodies don't need to store every single calorie for future use.  A great way to plan and track your daily calorie intake is by working with a qualified nutritionist or a program that was created by a nutritionist.  Last week I shared with you the power of the Wuhoo Fitness tool eFitness Tracker for tracking your workouts well the Wuhoo Fitness eFitness Tracker tool also has a menu planning program that was created by a Registered Dietician and can help you determine your daily calorie intake needs as well as track what your eating everyday to help you stay on track.

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