Fun with Food? At it sure is!

I decided that I needed to start eating healthier which meant eating more weird things like veggies and Quinoa thus my journey began. I have to admit that I was a bit daunted by the enormity of the task before me, not only would I have to eat these new foods I would have to learn how to make them and then convince my famliy to eat them as well.

As a busy mom with two teenage sons, a husband, a dog and being the Maven of Fun for Wuhoo Fitness I'm pretty busy and don't have a lot of time which is why it is SO easy to fall into cooking the easy weekly staples. I know those of you who are time pressed can appreciate the whole time crunch right?

I almost quit before my journey really began, I started to think about my learning curve and how much time and effort this whole thing was going to take but I pulled myself up by my bootstraps because I was a woman on a mission.

Not knowing where my journey would take me or what mysterious recipes and advice I would find I launched into my research with a furor. Actually I sat down at my computer and started roaming around the internet. I didn't roam long though because I started with Bastyr (after all they pretty much know a ton about healthy eating and food right?) then I went to the PCC website which is where I found the Cooking Diva extraordianaire!

What was super cool is that Bastyr and PCC had something in common - Cynthia Lair. Cynthia is an author, a faculty member of both Bastyr and UW, a regular teaching chef at PCC, a speaker, an actress and an improv artist. Her website is this website is an absolute treasure chest packed full of information that helps to make even the most veggie challenged of us want to eat and cook those very veggies along with the other weird stuff. 

Actually Cynthia's recipes are easy to cook and super yummy and not weird at all.  The absolute best part is that Cynthia knows and understands what it means to be busy and have lots of different things demanding our attention which is why she includes videos of how to cook her recipes.  These videos are super informative and WAY too funny!  In fact I'll bet you can't watch just one.  I hope that you will join me on my journey of eating healthier, in fact let me know which of Cynthia's recipes you like best and let me know.

Wishing you a healthy and happy day - Jennifer Wuhoo Malocha