There's a New Triahtlon in Town - The New Trek Triathlon all Womens Series

This year the triathlon season starts a little earlier than in years past. The reason for this is that there is a new triathlon in town - the brand new Trek Women's only triathlon series. In Seattle the Trek triathlon is Sunday July 5th which is a 7 weeks before the Danskin. The exciting thing about this new triathlon series is that all the amazing people who created Danskin and made it the extra special and magical event that it was have joined forces to create the Trek. What exactly does this mean? It means that the founders of the Danskin triathlon series including Sally Edwards (The Head Heart) are no longer associated with the Danskin.Yes that doesmean that the Danskin won't be the same however the fantastic thing is the Trek will be even better! I just knowthat these extraordinary women will make theTrek series even better than the Danskin I mean it just goes without saying.

If you have already signed up with Danskin and it's your first triathlon you may be askingyourself "Now what do I do?!?!?!" Have no fear the Trek Triathlon is here! Since the Trek is so much earlier than the Danskin you can easily sign up for both the Trek Triathlon AND the group triahtlon training that's offered through Sally Edwards company HeartZones. The other fantastic thing about the Trek is thatsince it's a new event there will be WAY less people. The Danskin fills up in hours and has over 5000 women. The Trek has plenty of room and will have - now this is only a guess - closer to 1500 maybe 2000 and that my friendsmakesa BIG difference. And the best part is that no athlete will come in last because Sally Edwards makes sure that she comes in last so no one else has to.

Some of you may not be familiar with the name Sally Edwards. Sally was the first woman to complete the Hawaiian Iron Man triathlon. Her life is a testament to her skill, her purpose and her passion to not only ne the best she can be but to help as many women as possible to be the best THEY can be. Sally in partnership with other amazing women created Team Survivor. Team Survivor offers people who have cancer or who have survived cancer FREE fitness training to help them win back their health. Studies have shown that exercising during treamenthelps to increase the healing powersof the treatment as well as helping the survivorsstay cancer free.

Sallyisknown as the head heart for this reason as well as the work she does with her company HeartZones. HeartZones works extensively with the science of training in different heart rate ranges as well as extolling thebenefits of using aheart rate monitor to train more efficiently to gain the greatest benefits possible. This includes people who are brand new to exercise all the way to elite athletes. The power of training in yourspecific heart rate zone is amazingly powerful whether you want to loose weight or increase your sports performance. Whether you are new to exercise or a long time veteran the science behind HeartZones training will make a HUGE difference in achieving your goals and objectives.

I guess you can tell I am a fan of Sally Edwards. Okay I admit it she is one of my Hero's. Sally has done more for women, inspiring womenand getting women to challenge themselves in new and exciting ways than any other women I have ever met. I am extremely grateful to Sallyfor creating the Danskin which I did for the first time back in 2000. I thought that it was just a fitness event what I didn't understand was that it would be a life changing experience. Then in the summer of 2003 I was the assistant coach for HeartZones the first year that HearZones had an Eastside training team. It was like a dream to come true tointeract with Sally - I know I'm getting kind of sappy here but it is true it was an AMAZING experience.

Thanks to Sally I have personally helped over 100 women (and a few men) cross the finish line of their very first triathlons most of whichhave gone on to do many, many triathlons. The funny thing is they all knew that they were going to die - every last one of them. I am happy to say that I haven't lost one yet. Every woman who has trained with me tocomplete the Danskin knows that hearing Sally speak is mandatory, not hearing her speak is NOT an option! After they hear her speak they understand why.

This year I will again be offering a triathlon training program for beginners but with a twist..... I will once again be working with Sally Edwards and HeartZones along with my very dear friend Annelise Digiacomo. The exciting thing about training this year is that our athletes get two amazing coaches for the price of one! Let me explain, I will be coaching the level 1 athletes or the beginners which as you know are my absolute favorites while Annelise will be coaching the level 2 athletes or those athletes who have completed a triathlon and want to imroe on their time. What makes this year so special is that Annelise and I will be coaching both groups onthe same day at the same time at the same place which means that athletes will be able to chose which workout and lecture to attend regardless of what team you sign up for. Those athletes who are strong runners but doing their first triathlon can attend my lecture and do Annelises workoutwhile those who've done a triathlon before butneed to brush up on swim basics candomy workout.

I know that I started out telling you that there is a new all womens triathlon series in town - the Trek and ended up gushing about Sally Edwards. It may seem off topic but Sally was the heart and soul of the Danskin but will now be the heart and soul of the Trek. It was important to me to share her brilliance with you so that you could begin to understand that the Trek is WAY more than just another new triathlon in town. Just like Pink is the new Black the Trek is the new Danskin and I hope to see as many of you as possible come out to play with me in Seattle on July 5th to celebrate this amazing new series.

For more information about the new trek triathlon series and to register for the event log ontohttp://www.trekwomenstriathlonseries.comto sign up for training with Jenniferlog onto to sign up for training with Annelise log onto

Trust me this event will help YOU put not just a little but a LOT of WUHOO in everything you do. Get out there today and tri something new! Jennifer Wuhoo Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun!