Little Changes Yeild HUGE Results

Most of you know that I specialize in working with overweight, deconditioned people who are anywhere to 30 - 100+ lbs overweight.  The reason that I love working with these people is because they have the least to lose and the most to gain.  it's hard and often times very scary to start working out - it can also be confusing.  I mean let's face it there is so much conflicting information out there it can be really hard to identify fact from fiction.  The other challenge that people new to exercising have is that they workout too hard too soon which leaves people so sore that they never want to workout again or worse they end up injured.

When people hire me as their trainer they expect me to ask that they workout out for and hour 7 days a week and are surprised when I ask them if they can give me 10 minutes of activity 2-3 times a week.  They often ask "What's 10  miniutes going to do for me?"  Well if they haven't been doing anything then that 10 minutes of activity that elevates their heart rate can add up pretty quickly AND they won't be too sore to move.  I can hear the ya right 10 minutes.... seriouly it does!  If you go engage in 10 inutes of activity once a week that's 40 minutes a month or 480 minutes a year more than they would have gotten.  And the REALLY cool thing is that for every hour of exercise you get you add 4 hours to your life - FOUR HOURS!  Thats a pretty amazing return ont he investment don't you think?  Let's take the 480 - that ends up being 8 hours of activity which in turn equals 32 hours being added onto your life and that's only 10 minutes extra each week!

The other cool thing about the 10 minute of activity workout plan is that busy people can fit 10 minute workouts 3 times into their work day for a 30 minute workout.  In fact the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) found that working out for 10 minutes 3 times a day yeilds similar results to working out for 30 minutes continuosly.  I just think that that is SO cool!  Whether you are just starting out or are finding it harder to get your workouts in give yourself a 10 minute activity break during your day and reap the rewards because after all little changes can and do yeild huge results.

Helping you put a little Wuhoo in everything you do - Jennifer  :o)