Lifes lessons can come from unexpected places

I came across an amazing quote that has been tremendously inspiring to me on many levels and in many areas of my life - "Every time life brings you to a crossroads, from the tiniest to the most immense, go towards love, not away from fear".  I'm not sure who said it but I would love to know so that I can thank them for it.  It helps to keep me centered because it isso very easy to slip into fear and the what if's in life when in reality life runs so much more smoothly when I do things from a place of love.  Recently I was talking with someone who is in a dangerous living situation and the reason that she hasn't left is the fear of the unknown.

I come across this quite often.  Peope don't like aspects of their life and want to change but the fear of the unknown is much greater than the pain of what they live with everyday.  I learned long ago that I can't change people all I can do is offer my experience, strength and hope and let them make whatever decisions they feel are right for them.  People may look at me and dismiss what I have to say because how could I possibly understand what they are going through?  After all I'm happy and bubbly, have two great kids, a fabulous husband, amazing friends, a nice home and a career I love.

I understand a lot better than they realize.  I was raised in an extremely abusive home that included all forms of abuse and drug and alcohol abuse.  I liken it to being raised in a war zone.  As I grew older I discovered the joys of self medication that included drug and alcohol abuse - at least I was able to keep the inner demons at bay some of the time (living in fear).  I really should have ended up a statistic but when I was 20 I saw the was blue and behind me - pulling me over.

Since October 1985 I have been clean and sober, neither my husband nor my children have ever seen me drink or use drugs which I am so very, very grateful for.  Two weeks before my 2 year sobriety birthday my big brother and only sibling was killed in a car accident.  It would have been so very, very easy to start drinking and using drugs again to hide from the pain but I knew that my being clean and sober was extremely important to my brother (moving towards love) so some how I was able to navigate through the pain sober.

I'm sharing this with you not to have you think wow - you're so cool.  I am sharing so that you too can look at your life and think if she can do it so can I.  We have no idea what someone else has lived through and it is easy to judge 'a book by it's cover' but when we stop to really look at the book we are often surprised by what a page turner it is.  When we are able to look at each other, at the choices in our lives through eyes of love we begin to believe that we too can live the life of our dreams.  The next time you are faced with a choice and you find yourself afraid I challenge you to tap into the love in your heart and listen to what your heart wants to do then move in that direction.  You never know you may end up with your own page turner!

May you walk in love today and always - Jennifer