What do Doctors know anyway?

Over the last 4 weeks I have had the privilege of being in a walking boot and crutches as I recover from an injury.  The thing that I find the most humorous is my lack of patience.  I am not to walk on my left foot for a total of 6 weeks and I'm down to only having 2 left.  What an adventure it's been!  I don't think that I've ever been this excited about physical therapy.  I fiercely believe in leading by example which is why I've done my best to adhere to the doctors instructions because I KNOW that if I do what I'm told I will heal completely in those 6 weeks.  If I don't listen it could take 6 months to a year to heal and then it may not heal completely.  Hmmmm 6 weeks or 6-12 months?  I'll gladly take the 6 weeks!

It's so very easy to want to rush things because we are having trouble staying in the moment when being in the moment is exactly where we need to be.  The lessons that are coming up for me are many and varied and totally worth their weight in gold.

The first lesson is to stay connected to my feelings- sometimes bad things happen and it hurts.  If we try to pretend that we aren't in emotional pain the pain will find a way to come out physically.  It can manifest itself in neck pain, headaches, torn muscles and a variety of other ways.  If we stay connected to our emotions and allow ourselves to feel the feeling we are better able to allow the healing process to happen.

The second lesson is allow others to help me - this can be a tough one for me sometimes.  I try to always be available to help others when they need me it is very important to me to be of service to others.  What I forget sometimes is that when I allow others to help me I am giving them the gift to be of service.  As good as it feels to give how could it happen if no one ever allowed us to help?  if we are always willing to help others but never allow others to help us we are cutting off the two way flow of abundance.  Being of service is only half of the gift allowing others to be of service to US is the other half of the gift.  Do you allow others to help you?

My third lesson was to speak my truth- most of my life I have either stood my ground and fought for what I wanted or essentially ran away which is the typical fight or flight response.  We all do it to a certain degree.  What I have been learning lately is to stand my ground without anger or fear and speak my truth which is very, very different from what I learned how to do from my parents growing up.  I was taught that when something happened that I didn't like or if someone treated me badly I could either rage against them and do battle or I could turn my back and ignore them and dismiss them from my life.  This behavior pattern no longer serves me nor is it in my best interest.  What is in my best interest is to ask questions to gain clarity about what happened and why it happened so that I can find resolution and closure.  I don't have to do battle nor do I have to run away I can stand my ground calmly and ask for what I need and want with safety. 

There have been many other lessons that I've learned but these were the three biggest for today.  When we stay connected to our emotions, we allow others to help us and we stand tall to speak our truth miracles begin to happen in our lives.  These miracles occur because we are open to the truth, to beauty, our connection to life, to love and to each other. 

What lessons are you learning today?  May you be open to experiences!  Wuhoo Jen