ultimate training secrets!

Do you want to know the extra special, hush, hush training secrets for maixmum benefit are?  Are you sure?  Well okay if you're sure here they are.....R-E-S-T and W-A-T-E-R!!!

It's funny how we push and push ourselves without giving ourselves a break or the rest we need to recover.  Whether you're a high performance athlete or new to exercise one of the things that will help you rach your goals is making sure that your body gets the rest it needs to repair damaged tissue.  Everytime we work out our muscles tear to varying degrees dpending on the intensity of the workout.  Walking isn't nearly as stressful on our bodies as say hill sprints but our muscles are still being used and need to rest so that they can recover and repair themselves.

I do my best to give my body the rest it needs but sometimes I play a bit too much and then suffer the consequences just like everyone else.  Even though it's uncomfortable it's nothing compared to how I feel when I don't drink enough water.  Drinking plenty of water is a great way to help our bodies loose weight.   A general rule o f thumb is 64 to 80 ounces of water every day, at least 64 but of you workout then definitely 80.  When we are properly hydrated it is easier for our heart to do it's jump of pumping blood to all parts of the body.  When we are dehydrated our blood is thicker which makes it harder for the heart to pump our blood everywhere it needs to go.

So people start taking advantage of these two well kept training and weight loss secrets so that you too can enjoy even greater health and weight loss benefits!

Happy Trails!  Jennifer