Putting it all together - # 4 in the triathlon series

You've been doing your run training, your bike training and your swim training but have you been putting the different workouts together?  If not then it's time that you do.  It's important to know how your body will feel transitioning from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run AND how you feel doing all three in one workout!

When you combine two workouts such as your swim workout with your bike workout or your bike workout with your run workout it is called a brick.  It comes from Bike, Run + ick which equals brick!  The first time that you do a brick workout do not do long distances, you can add distance to each aspect each time you do a brick workout.  Depending on how far away your event is you should be doing mostly brick workouts from this point forward.

The next part of putting everything together is to do a 'Mini Triathlon' in fact you should do at least one mini tri at least one if not two weeks before your event.  Just like when you first started doing bricks you should not do long distances - you really just want to know what it feels like to put all three events together complete with both of your transitions.  If possible try to do more than one mini triathlon before your event - if it's not possible it is super important to do at least one.

Remember to never do ANYTHING new on race day - no new food, no new clothes, no new equipment, NOTHING!  The time to try new things is during training that way you know exactly how your body reacts with the equipment and whether or not it works well for you, you know whether or not the clothing chafes or if the food upsets your stomach.  On race day you want to make sure that everything you are using works for you and that there are no surprises.

If you have done your training complete with bricks and mini tri and determined what equipment, food and clothing works best for you then when you get to race day you will have a fantastic event because you are completely prepared.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences with bricks, mini tri's and about your race day.

Put a little Wuhoo in everything you do today!  Jennifer