It's Story Time

I want to tell you a story about Sarah. Sarah was a client of mine who was overweight and believed that she was incapable of being more fit than she was due to past physical injuries. After talking with Sarah I just knew that she was capable of much, MUCH more than she thought she was. Sarah with great courage signed up for my 8 week 5K walk/run training for beginners program not knowing what to expect and not believing that it really was possible that she could walk 3.2 miles in 8 short weeks and be injury free at the end of the program. You see Sarah found it difficult to walk more than a few blocks so the idea of walking 3.2 miles was very similar to someone else climbing Mount Everest.

I believe in helping my clients make small changes over time because they didn't get to their current fitness level overnight, it was something that occurred slowly over time. By making many small changes it is much more likely that those changes will be life long changes. You see anyone can make ahuge change for a time but the change isseldom long lasting and to enjoy a higher quality of life and be able to do what you want for as long as you want the changes really need to be long term.

Back to Sarah - That first week of training was challenging for her but not so challenging that she was unable to be successful. Each week she was able to go a little farther and by the end of the 8 weeks she was walking not 3.2 miles with ease but over 4 miles! Sarah used to park her car as close as she could to where she was going and now she parks her car wherever she wants - secure in the knowledge that she is able to walk whatever distance required to get where she is going. She works out regularly, has more energy, greater self confidence and is a much happier woman than ever before but don't just take my word for it read what she has to say in her own words.

Jennifer is a hero-maker. She brings out personal courage and helps you accomplish things you never thought you could do. I reached breakthroughs on every level working through her 5K walk/run program for beginners. I went from barely being able to walk a few blocks to being able to walk four miles with ease. Jennifer Malocha changed my life! My blood sugar and blood pressure are now normal and my cholesterol has dropped 200 points. I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward her. I have lost so much weight that people tell me I’m half the woman I used to be!

Sarah B.

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Jennifer Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun