Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Years and years ago I read the amazing book Way of the Peaceful Warrior which was a life affirming and life changing book at the time. A few years ago I was beyond thrilled to learn that this amazing book had been made into a movie. It came out in theaters just a few short weeks before I was to do my first Olympic distance triathlon - the timing could not have been more perfect! The inspiring story is a true story about Dan Millman and how he learned how to be in the moment so that he could be the very best he could be right here, right now in this very moment.

I talked my husband and two sons into seeing the movie with me - in my house we have a joke about watching 'chic flicks'. My favorite genre of movies are true stories about overcoming 'the odds' and they are almost always sports movies and because I am the only 'chic' in the house these types of movies are called 'chic flicks'. Heaven help them when they discover what chic flicks really are! Anyway I dragged them to see yet another chic flick, I was so thrilled that all three of them loved the movie and more importantly wanted to embody the message.

You see it is so easy to get caught up in day to day living that we begin to sleep walk through our lives and our minds are rarely if ever on what we are doing right, here right now. We miss so much this way. i believe so strongly in this movie and the message that it conveys that when the movie came out on DVD I ordered a bunch of copies - 1 for my own library, 2 to loan out to clients and as gifts for certain people in my life.

In fact every year during my triathlon training program the last workout is movie night. Guess which movie we watch? That's right Peaceful Warrior. I find that the toughest part of completing a triathlon is all in the head. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my clients will successfully complete their first triathlon. In fact my belief in them is so complete, so strong that it overpowers and consumes their doubt. The most challenging part of their training I face is getting them to believe in their own ability. This movie and the powerful message that it shares is my secret weapon in helping them overcome the barrier that's all in their head.

Not only in completing a first triathlon but in life as well it is important to do our best to stay in this moment right now, to be present - to be right here, to BE this moment. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we stay in the moment. Don't worry about the past or the future just live to the fullest right now in this moment. For more information about Dan Millman or to order your own copy of the Peaceful Warrior DVD just click on this link http://www.danmillman.com/

Thank you Dan Millman for sharing your story with us so that we too can become Peaceful Warriors.

Jennifer Malocha - Chief Exceutive Officer of Fun here at Wuhoo Fitness