What to Pack on Race day # 5 in the triathlon series

At this point you should have practiced setting up your transition area, done some brick workouts and a mini tri. You've tried the different sports 'foods' and know which food(s) work best for your system, what clothes to wear, what equipment to use and all your training is done....... now it's tri time!

Here's a list of what to pack on race day:

Heart Rate Monitor  
Large Duffle Bag  
Race Outfit  
Goggles (clear and tinted)  
Swim Cap  
Ear Plugs  
Water (for rinsing feet)  
Bike Gloves  
Bike Shoes  
Water Bottle (with water)  
Running Shoes  
Race Belt  
Warm Clothes (for after race)  
Baby Powder  
Bike Repair Kit  
Tire Pump  
Garbage Bags  
Driving/Parking Directions  


You may have noticed that a large plastic garbage bag is included in the packing list, this is because it just may rain on race day and it's important to keep your gear as dry as possible. 

I always pack my bag the night before - I lay all of the items out on the floor then place my hand on each item BEFORE the first item ever goes into my bag.  By touching each item before it goes into my race bag I KNOW that it is there on race day which helps to reduce any anxiety that I may be feeling.  By doing all you can to be as prepared as possible you are setting yourself up to have an amazing time on race day.

As always I would love to hear from you to hear how you are coming along in your training and if you have found this series helpful.  It is my sincere hope that you have such a great experience doing your first triathlon that you will Tri, Tri again!!!!  Put a little Wuhoo in Everything you do today - Jennifer