Is it really fear or is it perhaps excitement?

Did you know that fear and excitement have the same exact chemical reaction in our bodies?  Yep it's true.  I find this fantastic because this means that WE are in complete control over how we perceive any given situation.  Whether you are doing a sporting event for the first time, speaking in public or going in for an interview we have the power to create our own private personal party.  Just think about the ramifications!  Now when we are faced with something that scares us we can use our powerful brains and passionate words to create a fantastic experience. 

Life is too short to live in fear - fear of completing the swim portion of a tri (DOING a tri!), not applying for your dream job, speaking your truth, going somewhere new for the first time, doing something new for the first time, stepping out of your comfort zone to make a new friend.  When we step out on faith amazing and wondrous things happen to us.  I find that the more I say yes to life the more life says yes to me.  Admittedly by taking more risks and stepping out of my comfort zone I experience more failures but each and every time that I pick myself up and dust myself off I am truly the better for having had the experience.  Sometimes the pay off is that I have greater understanding and therefore compassion for others.  Sometimes it is learning the things that will help me be successful for my next try. 

Sometimes it's Gods way of telling me that he has other plans for me - much greater plans than those that I can dream up for myself.  This last one is the one that is the most important to me because I forget it on a regular basis!  When I get out of the way and do my best to step into my brilliance and use and SHARE with others the gifts that God gave me to the fullest then only wondrous things will happen in my life.  I just have to get out of the way and let the story unfold in it's own time - after all haven't you noticed that things always become more clear with the fullness of time.

The next time you start to feel your heart race tell yourself how excited you are, go ahead try it - I dare you!  It's time that you step into and claim the brilliance that is you...........

Jennifer Wuhoo Malocha