just 10 minutes a day can save your life

You've heard me say that small changes over time yield HUGE results well I'm happy to announce that science is backing up this bold statement!  Dr. Tim Church of the Pennington Research Center in Baton Rouge La recently published the findings of his study.  In a nut shell Dr. Church was able to show that just 10 minutes of exercise everyday can not only reduce a persons risk of major diseases but also improve your overall quality of life.  This is super exciting to me!

Since I specialize in working with people of size who are sometimes exercise reluctant it is super important to start off slow so that the momentum can be built slowly and surely over time.  This study and it's findings will help my clients to see that yes just that 10 minutes of activity a day really can change their lives and as a result save their lives.

Some cool 'side effects' of getting your heart pumping for just 10 minutes a day is a change in your waist size, reduced risk for heart disease, more positive outlook, your body being able to metabolize blood sugar (for up to 72 HOURS after just 10 minutes!), reduced your risk for diabetes as well as many other conditions.

I love being able to tell my clients that yes just 10 minutes a day of getting your heart pumping can help them start living happier, healthier lives.  It is cool to watch them start off with just the 10 minutes a day because in no times at all it becomes 12, 15, 20 minutes and more which makes my heart sing to watch the excitement in their faces as they tell me of their successes.  Whether it's being able to walk farther or the fact that they were able to reduce their blood pressure medicine these are the successes that I live for because I know that not only their lives have changed for the better but they will be around for a lot longer to enjoy those they love.

Why not get out there today and add 10 minutes of activity to your day after all you never know what fantastic 'side effects' you will get to enjoy!

Jennifer Wuhoo Malocha