Looks Can be deceiving

It's so easy to look at someone and be able to 'tell' if their skinny or fat, healthy or unhealthy...... or is it?  An example that I like to use is when the 'perfect' couple who has everything, they're happy, have great kids, a great home - the whole package end up getting a divorce.  It's shocking! How can this be? From the outside everything was so perfect.  I know you've heard the saying looks can be deceiving and this is a perfect example.

A fitness example is seeing a person who is overweight and thinking to yourself "Wow that person is heading towards huge health risks..." and then seeing a skinny woman and thinking "Wow she's so skinny I wish I looked like that!".  This is looking only at the outside of the situation, the reality may be shockingly different.

A person who is over weight and exercising on a regular basis is at less risk for metabolic diseases than a person who is skinny who never exercises.  In fact the skinny person who doesn't exercise is at much greater risk for diseases like osteoporosis and hypertension than an overweight person who exercises.

The secret is to focus on being happy where you are each moment and striving to improve and be the best person that you can be inside and out on a daily basis.  After all sometime we are rock stars and sometimes we are pitiful but if we just keep moving forward to the best of our ability we will get where we're going in our own time.

Years ago I heard a speaker who said 'Don't judge your insides by other peoples outsides." it took me a while to really understand the importance of the message and a little longer still to embody it but I have found that it is one of the truest things that I have ever heard and one of the most important things that I have learned.

The another super important lesson I want to share with you is 'It's All About Me!'  It sounds super selfish but in reality it's a great way to stay focused on you and the importance of self care.  Every year when I coach my triathlon training program for beginners at least one athlete (& it's usually a few) comes up to me to share their concern about holding the others in the group back. These women have a lot of doubt in themselves and their ability.  When they see Suzie swim faster or Jill bike faster or Laura run faster then it's super easy to start comparing yourself to the others in the group.  The most important thing is that that this journey is really about each individual athlete - not about their spouses, children, co workers or the other athletes.  In the purest sense it really IS all about them so I make them repeat that it is all about me to help them stay focused on what's really important.

So the next time you feel bad about where you are and what you look like just remember that it is better to be a healthy, active person that is striving to improve themselves and it really IS All About Me! than to start comparing yourself to someone else.  We don't know what's going on with someone else and quite frankly it's none of our business, we are our most important business and we deserve the best.


Here's to your health!

Jennifer Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness