Are you out of your mind? Overcoming personal roadblocks

I was talking to one of my clients this week about what's keeping her from achieving her goals and the answer she gave was one I've heard a number of times. It's the negative voices in our heads that focus on what we like least about ourselves, the voices that tell us that we aren't enough and since we'll never good enough or get to our goal why should we even try. I call this the 'Committee' and the committee needs to be FIRED! During our conversation my client told me that she needed to focus on being in the 'right' mind versus spending time in the self defeating part of her mind.

By spending time away from the negative voices in our heads or to be 'out of our minds' it is the best way for us to be able to overcome our road blocks and achieve our goals. Whether it's out health and fitness goals, our work goals or our personal goals it's important that we stop listening to the Committee. A great way to help overthrow the Committee is to create our own personal Dream Team.

Our Dream Team wants us to achieve our goals they love us, they believe in us and they honestly want what's best for us. These are the voices that we need to start listening to.

What is a Dream Team?

Who is a good candidate for being on the Dream Team?

How many people are on a Dream Team?

How do the people on my Dream Team help?

A Dream Team is a group of people that you can call that will help you celebrate your victories and whowill helpkeep you motivated when you need help getting yourself going.

It is extremely important to be very selective about who you choose to have on your Dream Team.

Here’s an example of someone you do NOT want on your Dream Team – you are having trouble getting motivated to do your workout so you call a person from you Dream Team and you say “I just don’t feel like working out today” and they reply “oh good! Let’s go have coffee!” Not a good choice!!!Now an example of a great person to have on your team - they'll say “Just think about how much better you’ll feel once you do your workout. I know that you will be so proud of yourself and I can’t wait to hear about what a great workout you had – in fact let’s meet for coffee after you're done so we can celebrate!”

It's best if your Dream Team has at least 5 people on it, that way you will always be able to get reach someone when you need them most. If you think about it you may not always be able to reach one or two people but your chance of getting a hold of someone on your list of 5 is pretty darn good.

The people on your Dream Team help by holding you accountable to your goals, they help support you when you’re down and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, they help remind you of WHY you are working towards your goal and why it’s important to you.

By working with and trusting your Dream Team your Dream Team becomes your new Committee so yes it IS important to get out of your mind! We are usually WAY harder on ourselves than anyone else in our life.Which is why it is so important to listen to the kind, supportive words of others while we are working towards our goals. We all know what it feels like to fail, it’s comfortable in a way but to SUCCEED well now that’s a new thing isn’t it? Isn’t it time to start getting comfortable with succeeding? Go ahead and give a shot you just might like how it feels!

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Jennifer Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun!