Grace is an amazing gift.  Grace is what helps us through the bad times and allows us to continue to be open and honest individuals.  Grace is that feeling of strength during our walk through pain, Grace is knowing that we are making the absolute right choice for us and having the strength to take action even when it scares us silly.  Grace is that moment of calm in which we are able to see things as they are and not only as we wish they would be.  And Grace is the love that we receive from others that help carry us through the rough patches in our lives.

When was the last time you felt Grace in your life?  I would love to hear your story of Grace.  What was happening in your life and in what way did Grace manifested to help see you through?

You see there is power is Grace both in the receiving and in extending Grace to others.  Over the last couple of weeks I've talked about willingness and detachment and Grace just seemed to naturally tie in seamlessly.  You see it is when we are ready to be willing that change can begin to occur in our lives.  When we detach from the outcome we are free to do, to be and when we are able to receive Grace we are then more able to extend Grace to others.  Grace is also an integral part of forgiveness.  When we are able to forgive others we are then able to forgive ourselves and it is in forgiveness that healing occurs.

As I mentioned before we have no control over anyone other than ourselves.  We are the captains of our fate and sometimes we win and sometimes we don't and this to me is when we are most likely to see Grace at work in our lives. 

Please share your story of Grace, it is in sharing that we truly receive.


Here's to your good health!

Jennifer Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness