Are you Interested or Committed?

Do you know that difference between being interested versus committed to something?  For years I didn't so I want to take a moment and share with you the difference.  If I am interested in doing something say a planned workout I will allow myself to be persuaded to not do my workout.  If I'm committed then I will invite my friend to workout with me or get together after my workout the key thing is that I will do my workout because I am committed to my health and wellness goal.

It's not always easy to get committed or stay committed to our goals especially if we are doing them for someone else.  In fact it's almost impossible to stay committed to a goal that we set for someone else.  It is when we are ready to make changes in our life and we set our minds to accomplish a goal that we are able to achieve our goals.  It is in setting goals that we have a sincere desire to achieve that emboldens us to be brave and daring.  We are willing to do whatever it takes, things that we have never been willing to do.  When this happens very little can get in our way to achieving our goal.

Achieving our goals takes work and determination and sometimes it's hard - really hard.  But in the end the sense of accomplishment and the pride we feel for our efforts is an even greater reward than achieving our goal.  We can use the example of doing a triathlon for the first time.  Every year for the past 7 years I have coached first time triathletes across the finish line of their first triathlon and so far I'm up to 120 individuals (95% women) that I have coached that have crossed the finish line.

I want to share what ALL of these athletes have in common:

  • They are all scared
  • They made a decision
  • They show up - to the training workouts and on race day
  • The are committed
  • They are all doing something for the first time
  • They don't know anything about doing or training for a triathlon.
  • They are willing to go for it and trust that they can do it
  • They are all scared (yes I know I listed this twice)

Honestly that's all they have in common.  They are a variety of ages, a variety of shapes, at different levels of fitness, have different jobs and come from different backgrounds.  Absolutely no two athletes are the same and each and every one of them is amazing.  I listed that they are scared twice because it is scary to step out of our comfort zone and do something for the first time whether it's a triathlon or something else that scares you. 

I say that these women (and some men) are my heroes and they are.  They are absolutely scared but they face that fear and step out on faith that they can achieve the goal that they set out for themselves.  You might be saying yes of course they can do it they have a coach or I'm not like them or you don't understand the challenges I face.  You can have a coach too and you are probably more alike than you know and as for facing challenges this is where the commitment versus the interest comes into play.  Many of these women have long drives to get to the workouts, small children, unsupportive husbands, physical challenges and many other challenges but somehow they find a way because they are committed.

When I committ to a goal I am more likely to be successful if I 'recruit' a Dream Team to help me.  These are supportive people in my life that I tell my goals to then ask if they are willing to help keep me accountable.  One of my accountability partners simply sends me a text others I call when I need them, there is no right or wrong way to interact with your Dream Team as long as you DO interact.  My Dream Team cheers with me when I have a personal best and encourages me and cheers me on when I'm feeling down and want to give up.  I have different people for different areas and different goals. 

Sometimes we need to hire a coach to help get us going in the first place and that's okay too in fact sometimes that absolutely the best plan.  It's much simpler to have a coach who will help keep us focused on our goal and most importantly WHY we made the goal in the first place.  As I said before our goals need to be for US and no one else.  We need to decide on 'what's in it for me' because when we can tie our goal into 'what's in it for me' we know what our pay off is and why it's important that we keep going.

So I ask you are you interested in your goals or are you committed to them?  If you find yourself saying things like 'I should' then throw it out as a goal it is the goals that we have passion around that we will be most successful with so focus on those goals.

If you're ready to get serious about achieving your goals but need a little extra help getting started check out Wuhoo Coaching //wuhoo-coaching/ I promise to help you get committed to achieving your goals today.

To yours in Health and Wellness!

Jennifer Malocha Chief Executive Officer of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness