Life, The Universe and Everything

The family and I went away for a much needed vacation for a week.  It was AMAZING how wonderful it was to completely unplug from everything electronic and all of my usual social media sites.  I read, I slept in and I did cool things with my 'Men'.  It's so important to unplug so that the constant noise of our everyday lives stops so that we can think.  I thought about lots of different things which included Life, The Universe and Everything. 

I realized or more correctly remembered how important it is to be true to myself, to stop waiting to do the things that I really want to do, to start planning the adventures I've dreamed of going on.  Stop waiting and start making them a reality - after all the only person holding me back is me.  The only person responsible for my life and my happiness is me.  There's an old saying "Blame is better to give than to receive."  It's so much easier to blame others or situations for the unhappiness in our lives when in reality we're the ones in charge, we're the ones to 'blame'.

I believe that God has a master plan for my life (not just for MY life but for EVERYONES life) and with that belief comes the courage to take the steps necessary to live the life of my dreams.  After all with God in charge what's there to be afraid of?  I can't fail as long as I am sharing the gifts that I've been blessed with to the best of my ability, I trust in the good that life has to offer - and this is the important bit - I DO THE WORK.

You see God doesn't do manual labor that's up to us.  It's rarely easy and it's often painful or hard but ALWAYS worth the effort.  Think of a time that something came easily for you, now think of a time you really had to work to achieve a goal.  Which one was more fulfilling?  Which one did you learn the most from?  Which one provided you with the greatest gifts?  My money's on the one you had to really work for.

It's easy to say that 2010 is going to be my best year ever! But what does that really mean?  For me 2010 is going to be the year of metamorphasis - literally out with all the things that do not serve me, all of the (or as much as possible!) relationships that are holding me back, all of the old behaviours that prevent me from achieving my greatest good.  The year that I seek closure and healing from all broken relationships and this is the year that I become willing to trust in Gods master plan for me.  It's by letting go of the good that we make room in our lives for the great.

It's easy for us to hide our lights under a bushel out of fear of making others feel small and weak.  The reality is that by being our best selves and standing in our power we allow others to do the same.  If someone does feel small in our brilliance it is not our problem it is theirs.  It is important to remember this always.  Playing small serves no one.

Some things that happen when we feel powerless is that we don't take care of ourselves.  We know we should workout but don't, we know we shouldn't eat that extra cookie but we do, we don't step out of our comfort zone because we're afraid of what others might think or that we may fail or even worse that we may succeed.

By taking responsibility for our lives and our actions we set ourselves free and reclaim our personal power.  We will no longer feel threatened by what others think of us, we will no longer want to blame others for our lives, we will know with every fiber in our beings that we are powerful and capable and beautiful and most importantly Divine.

May 2010 be the year that you discover how powerful you really are.  I believe in you - I always have I always will.  You are AMAZING and CAPABLE and WONDERFUL don't let ANYONE including yourself ever tell you anything different.

Here's to your success!

Jennifer Feely Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness