Starting the New Year Off On The Right Foot - or any foot for that matter!

I'm not sure how this happened but someone shrunk my pants when I wasn't looking - did this happen to you too?  I think it may have been my dryer.  I love the holidays: the parties, the food, the companionship, the food......  What I'm not as crazy about is how my clothes shrink.  People who know me know that I LOVE to eat especially all the yummy food that the Holidays bring which usually results in my renewed enthusiasm for outdoor workouts. 

The weather here in Seattle has been amazing - last weekend it was hovering around in the low 30's but the sun was shining and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Saturday my Boys and I went on a nice 14 mile bike ride then on Sunday my Husband and I walked up to the store (about 4 miles round trip) then I headed off with a Girl Friend for another 14 mile bike ride.  I felt wonderful getting out in the fresh air and moving my body. 

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to work out if you have someone to do it with?  It's more fun too.  That's why years ago I started inviting people to come out on New Year's Day to do a 5K with me.  I invite runners, walkers and joggers along with their friends, families and dogs on leash to come out on Day 1 of the New Year to get some Fresh Air and Exercise.  I find that this helps to set our health and wellness intentions for the year ahead. Plus it's super fun! 

I started thinking about how much better I do when I have someone to go play with and decided to sign up for an over 40 Co-Ed soccer team.  It's funny how all the old play ground feelings come up - Gee I hope someone picks me to play on their team, Gee I hope they're nice, Gee I hope I don't suck....  You know the usual.  So far a few teams have actually contacted me and invited me to play on their teams for which I breathe a sigh of relief now all I have to do is chose a team and get out there and kick some butt!

Having fun is very important to me - I know big surprise huh?  And because fun is important to me I do my best to find things that I enjoy even things I haven't done for years.  I also decided that my Husband and I will be signing up for dance lessons. He doesn't know this yet but that's okay I'll just call it date night or something.  I'm also going to try doing yoga with Clyde T Dog, there's a Doga class at the Humane Society on Sunday evenings.

What I'm trying to get at with this post is that it really doesn't matter what activity (or activities) you decide to try this year the important thing is to DO an activity.  What interests you?  What haven't you done in a long time that you used to enjoy doing?  What have you always wanted to try?  To quote one of my Hero's Sally Edwards "When was the last time that you did something for the first time?"

I try to do something new regularly it's not always easy and I'm not always very good at it but I always grow in the process of learning and I always benefit in ways that usually surprise me.  I firmly believe that working out in the gym is just for getting us ready to go outside and play.  I couldn't spend my time in a gym working out if I didn't get the reward of recess.

One of my clients who has become very dear to me spent 2 years working out in a gym without going outside to play which helped her lose 100 pounds but it was time for her to stop getting ready and start using her stronger healthier body for playing outside.  In the past year she's completed her first triathlon (and is already signed up for next year) along with her first organized 5K.  Her whole perspective on exercise has completely changed but I'll let her tell you in her own words.

I've worked with Jennifer both on an individual basis, as well as in several of her group clinics.  I've worked with other trainers, but none of them have inspired me to experience fitness in the way that Jennifer has.  She is very knowledgeable and designs programs to meet specific goals - for me it started with putting together a strength training workout that I could do at home or when I travel.  Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious; she has challenged and encouraged me to do everything from a 5K run to a sprint triathlon.  Working with Jennifer, I've learned how to have fun in my workouts.  As a result, I no longer look at exercise as something I have to do, but rather it is something I enjoy doing.  Jennifer has real passion for what she does: as her client, you know that she will do everything she can to help and support you as you work towards your goals.  Whether you're looking for your first personal trainer, or you're more experienced with personal training, Jennifer is a fabulous coach and can help you meet whatever your fitness goals are!

Loralie Levenhagen - Client

You see Loralie learned first hand how much fun trying new things and playing outside can be.  This is my sincere wish for all of you who are reading this blog.  Helping people throughout the process of Rediscovering RecessTM and the joy that comes along with Rediscovering RecessTM is what I specialize in.  I think that we ALL need more Recess in our lives don't you?

I Double Dog Dare you to go out and try a new activity or to rediscover an activity that you used to enjoy doing.  You never know WHAT might happen!  You may fall in love with Recess all over again and THAT is a joy worth pursuing!!!!

 Here's to your Health, Wellness, Fitness and Rediscovering RecessTM in the New Year!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness