Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - Knees and Toes

Do you remember the preschool song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes?  I sure do!  But for different reasons than singing it to a toddler.  I spent 8 hours last weekend learning all about preventing injuries to and rehabing injuries on - you guessed it! Shoulders and knees as well as the low back, hips and the core at a fitness conference.  When I attend these trainings I remember what a fitness geek I really am!  I L-O-V-E LOVElearning about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and I get SUPER excited to share it with everyone I see.

It makes me sad that so many people see fitness as something they 'have' to do 'should' do rather than enjoying the magic of movement.  I think it's because people have a preconceived notion that fitness has to be hard work or time consuming or the worst for me is the idea that fitness has to be painful.  The reality is that fitness when you break it down to it's core is simply movement - that's all. 

I enjoy sharing the information that you can get similar health benefits of a 30 minute workout simply by elevating your heart rate for 10 minutes 3 different times during the course of your day.  Most people can carve out 10 minutes three times during the course of their day.  See that was simple and rather pain free wasn't it?

I like to believe that most everyone would take better care of themselves physically if they knew how simple it really is.  If they only knew then they would make the choice to do simple exercises that make a huge positive impact on their health and ultimately on their lives.  With this idea in mind I am in the process of creating a series of interactive workshops to show people how easy it is to fit fitness into their busy lives.

The workshop ideas that I have so far include:

  • stabilizing the shoulder to prevent injury
  • strategies for strengthening and protecting the knee
  • Taking care of your back so your back takes care of you
  • The connection between hip stability and enjoying pain free movement
  • Strengthen your core for greater vitality and power
  • Simple exercises to Beat the Bulge that you can do at home ar at the office

I'm still working on the names but at least you get the general idea.  People who would benefit from attending these workshops are anyone who wants to:

  • Enjoy pain free movement without relying on medication
  • Improve their golf or tennis game
  • Get rid of low back pain or prevent low back injury
  • Get started on a health and fitness plan
  • Increase activity and enjoy greater mobility
  • Understand the importance of protecting joints
  • Improve their riding ability
  • Increase stamina
  • And the #1 reason lose weight simply and easily and KEEP IT OFF!

I'd love to hear which ones you are most interested in attending if you're local and if you're not then which ones would you like to see in a video format?  Oh and if you have any ideas for catchier names for the workshops please feel free to share!

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness



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