How to be a good fitness role model for our kids

We’ve all seen the commercials about talking to our kids about smoking and drugs because they really do listen to us, well guess what?  They not only listen to what we say they watch what we DO.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe that my teenage sons are really listening to what I tell them but every now and again they show me that they are.  I realize that my profession lends itself to being a good fitness role model for my children however it is vital that we all do the best we can to provide not only positive role models for our own children but all children. 

For years I have taken my kids on hikes that they lovingly call forced marches.  They might complain but they get the rewards of swimming in alpine lakes and a feeling of accomplishment at the end.  A wonderful resource for finding amazing hikes check out the books “Best hikes with kids: Western Washington and the Cascades” by Joan Burton and Ira Spring.  Joan and Ira rate the difficulty of the hike by kid’s standards not adult, which is very helpful.

The summer that my oldest was heading to high school and I wanted to give him something special, so I signed him up for his first sprint distance triathlon and my triathlon training group at the age of 14.  He did great and gained something that no one can ever take away from him including a new respect for himself and his mom.  I thought that this was a one time event but he surprised me by announcing that he had a goal to do a tri every summer that he’s in high school. He made that decision all on his own.

You don’t have to take your kids on forced marches or sign them up for triathlons what we all need to do is get outside and play with our kids.  Take walks, go swimming, play catch, go bowling, ride bikes or scooters, go skiing or snowboarding.  The choices are many and the best part is that it’s good for the whole family.

Jennifer Malocha owner of Wuhoo Fitness holds a degree in fitness as well as multiple national personal training and group exercise certifications in addition to having many years of coaching experience. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband of 19 years, their two teenage sons and participating in 5K’s, triathlons, distances swims, biking and taking time to just relax.

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