A Journey of Self Discovery

The journey of self discovery is often one of the most challenging paths we will walk.  For many of us naming what it is that we really want in life is a daunting task.  I believe this is in part is due to the fear being perceived as selfish.  What is wrong with pursuing our dreams when the end result is a happier more productive member of society?  The true definition of selfishness is to care only for yourself - at the expense of and complete disregard for others. 

The first step in our journey of self discovery is forgiveness.  When we forgive ourselves for past mistakes and those who have hurt us then we can free up all that mental energy that’s been busy chewing on the ‘hurt bone’.  The next step is figuring out what it and what isn’t my responsibility.

My life is my responsibility and no one else’s.  No one else is responsible for making me happy or unhappy for that matter – the responsibility is mine.  The cool thing is that since I am the one responsible for me I’m not responsible for someone else’s happiness.  The questions that I ask myself when I am in doubt about what is and what isn’t my responsibility are: Did I cause it? Did I create it? Can I cure it?  Depending on the answer I know whether or not I’m responsible, if I’m responsible for the mess then I’m responsible for cleaning it up.  This is pretty simple and straight forward either it’s my mess or it’s not my mess.

The next step is to just start making a list of the things that we really enjoy doing and are good at.  This will give us some great ideas of what it is that we might want in life.  I feel very strongly that it is within our power to create heaven right here on earth. 

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

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