Women Know the Warning Signs for Heart Disease

February is heart health month as well as the month for the Go Red program sponsored by the American Heart Association.  The reason that the AHA decided to create the Go Red program was to help raise awareness that the signs of a heart attack are different for women than men.  In fact more women have died from heart disease than men simply because they didn't know that they were having a heart attack.

Until a few years ago all the research into the signs of a heart attack were performed on men and all the findings were applied to men and women alike even though there had been no women in any of the studies.  Women would go the the doctor for help but because they didn't show the 'classic' (read male symptoms) they were sent home with the diagnosis of having gas and subsequently died.  This is why more women died from heart disease than men - because as I said above they were misdiagnosed.  In defense of those doctors who misdiagnosed ~ even when they ran tests the results would have showed none of the 'classic' signs of a heart attack.

Only as recently as about 5 years ago researchers discovered that there were substantial differences between the sexes when it came to heart attacks.  When a man has a heart attack it shows up in his major arteries in contrast when a women has a heart attack it shows up in our viens so we need different tests than men to determine whether or not we are in fact having a heart attack.  It's important to me that people realize that 53% of the people who die each year from heart diease are women - more women die each year from heart disease than cancer.  There is so much fantastic information available now to help educate people but it's only as powerful as the number of people who take the time to learn the information and share the knowledge.  Will you please be one of the ones who share?

The good news is that it is NEVER too late to start making healthier choices.  In fact every single thing that you do has a positive impact - each time you go for a walk (even a short one), eat veggies, choose fruit as a treat instead of something fatty with a bunch of sugar every time you make a healthy decision it results in a positive impact.  Please help me spread the word about how important it is to start taking our health seriously and to start honoring how important we are and that we absolutely deserve to be healthy so that we can enjoy life. 

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Here's the home link for the Go Red Program PLEASE go to the site, share this link and help make a difference today http://tinyurl.com/yh9oqdb

Here's to Your Health, wellness and Fitness,

Jennifer Malocha - CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness