Personal Responsibility

Do you ever have times in your life where it feels like the same thing keeps happening over and over or that you notice that some of the people in your life are saying the same thing over and over?  They seem to be 'stuck'?  I've been having that come up for me in my life lately to the point where it's time to pay attention.  You see these are fantastic learning opportunities but as I said you have to pay attention oh and be willing to take action.

There's a guy I know - he's a great guy but constantly tells whoever will listen how terrible his wife is and how horribly she treats him.  I don't think that he's really interested in changing the situation because he is unwilling to listen to those who try to help him.  I wish I could say that this guy is the only person I know like this but I have another friend who is always telling me about the challenges she has with her children.  I'm sure you know of people just like this as well.  They tell you about the same problem over and over and over yet never seem to do anything about their situation.

It's funny how much people like this bother me at times and I say at times because sometimes I'm not phased by them at all.  I'm bothered mostly when I need to take a look at something that I'M doing in my life.  I need to ask myself where in my life am I 'harping' about the same thing over and over and not taking action.  I don't always like what I see but the good thing is that I have the power to fix it! 

I learned long ago that I have no power over anyone but me -  I DO have power over myself.  I have the power, the intellegnce and the ability to change my life at any given moment.  It is both intoxifying and terrifying all at once.  You see if I have the power to change my life into anything I want then I can no longer blame someone else for what's wrong in my life. 

By taking personal responsibility for my life and my actions I am telling the world that I am capable but most importantly I am telling myself that I'm capable.  It's so easy to blame someone else for my unhappiness and it's way better to focus on your shortcomings because when I focus on what's wrong with you I don't have to look at what needs fixing in me.  I'm sure that you've heard the old adage "Blame is better to give than to receive."

When I blame you for my unhappiness I am playing the part of the 'victim' and victims are powerless.  Life is what is being done to us we and have no choice in what is happening in our lives.  There are people in this world that ARE victims but the vast majority of us do not fall into the victim category.  We may act like victims but victims we are not. 

I challenge you to take a look at your life to see if there are any places where you find yourself saying the same thing over and over or doing the same thing over and over and getting resentful or angry about it.  Or if you find yourself saying "If only he/she would stop (or start!) doing _____ then my life will be happy/my life will be great/ everything will be better."  These are the places that we need to take ownership for OUR part because when we stop waiting for someone else to 'save' us and we start taking action we instantly feel better and in fact we begin to feel powerful and capable.

It is in letting go of others that we realize the freedom (and relief!) that we only have to take care of OURSELVES.  I tell you it is a load off the shoulders when we embrace this idea.  Go out there today and be your own saviour, your own hero and in doing so start writing your story the way YOU want it to be written.  I totally believe in you!

Here's to your Health, Wellness and Fitness,

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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