Learning How to Let Go

I had the priveledge of spending a few days alone with my husband celebrating 20 years of marriage.  We stayed at Miraval Spa an all inclusive spa resort that offers a TON of things to do or not do depending on what speaks to you.  There is an abundance of fitness classes, challenge course challenges, an Equine Experience(TM), spa services, cooking demonstrations, meditation and consultations on all things health and wellness.  Well I LOVE fitness classes but only found time to attend an early morning fitness walk and stretching class because I was SOOOO busy doing everything else!  I spent my time doing a few of the high ropes challenges because I have 'challenges' with heights.  I did find time to go to the meditation classes as well as laying in the pool - I swear it was VERY meditative in the pool!

Okay this is supposed to be about letting go right?  Well let's get to it then...     

he first ropes challenge I did was called Swing and a Prayer.  The first step was donning my half harness then climbing up a ladder to get 'attached' to a cable.  While getting attached to the cable by our facilitator Neil he also attached a release rope that he had me hold on to then I got hoisted up 35 feet up into the air.  Just an FYI the ground is kind of far away when you're sitting 35 feet above it.  As I'm up in the air holding on to my 'release' rope all sorts of thoughts are going through my head- you see it is completely up to me to let go.  I get to decide when to let go, how to let go, IF to let go, how I'll feel when I let go, what I'll DO when I let go and if I'm ready to let go.

All this is going through my head like a speed train, well kind of.  I'm more focused on the if I'm ready to let go or not aspect of letting go.  Did I mention that I'm afraid of heights?  This was really quite a challenge which is exactly why I wanted to do it.  I'm all about facing my fear and walking through it.  I don't want to get to the end of my life and say I really wish I had ______ if only I'd been brave enough to try.

Okay back the the Swing.  The intention I set while still on the ground was to trust and just breathe into and out of whatever I was feeling.  I took a deep breath and let go.  It was SOOOOO COOL!!!!  I let out a little yelp when I first let go but then just enjoyed swinging.  I was totally safe and it was fun to feel the joy of swinging that I had when I was a girl on the playground.  Do you remember swinging as high as you could trying to touch the sky with your toes?  I sure do at least after the giant swing I do.   

 With the joys of swinging what I took away from the experience were some pretty profound 'aha's'.  When it comes to any situation in my life it is MY choice to let go.  It is MY choice when I let go, how I'll let go whether or not I let go, what I'll feelwhen I let go.  It's easy to say it's all so and so's fault I feel this way or if such and such hadn't happened or had happened I'd feel this way when in reality it's up to ME how I feel.  It really doesn't matter who did or didn't do what or if a did or didn't get something because in the end it's all up to me how I perceive any given situation and whether or not I'm ready to let go - the choice is mine.

Are you ready to let go and enjoy the Swing?  Go for it - it's totally worth the rush!

Here's to You in Health, Wellness and Fitness,      

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness



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