Activism Through Fitness

The other day as I was walking with Clyde T Dog through Bridle Trails State Park I was thinking about all sorts of things.  Nothing unusual there!  However on this particular day I was thinking about my radio show Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha and how I could use it to help promote worthy causes.  You see I passionately believe in being of service however I can.  I mean just think what the world would be like if we all devoted 30 minutes a MONTH to making the world a better place.  It makes me all tingly inside just to think about it!

Okay back to what I decided to do to help inspire activism through fitness....

Well I decided that on the Fourth Thursday of the month my guest would be someone affiliated with a cause that is hosting some type of fitness event that I can help promote.  Since there are SO many great events during the summer I'm thinking that I may have to do the second and fourth Thursdays but I'll keep you posted.  I figure that this is a win-win right?  After all I want people to get outside and move more AND I want to be of service.  The event co-ordinators want more participants who in turn will help raise money for a great cause.  The people participating in the event get exercise AND help a great cause.  Okay so it's more like a win-win-win but you get the idea.

Upcoming Events:

Bridle Trails Park Foundation Party in the Park Saturday June 26th  This is a FANTASTIC and I do mean FANTASTIC event!  It's a 5K (3.2 Mile) or 10 K (6.4 mile) walk/run through spectacularly beautiful Bridle Trails State Park.  Did I mention it's a party?  There's also a fabulous pancake breakfast, pony rides for the kids, equestrian drill teams, equestrian vaulting, even performing pigs!  This is absolutely one of my favorite events of the year.  Oh and 100% of the proceeds goes to the operating expenses to keep the park open and OFF the closure list.

13th Annual Swim For Life Wednesday August 18th  This is a 2.5 mile swim across Lake Washington and all the proceeds goes toward Puget Sound Blood Center.  I plan on doing this event for the first time this year.  I haven't done it yet but I've heard GREAT things about the event.

Trek All Womens Triathlon Sunday September 19th  Tune into Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha on June 24th for special guest Sally Edwards!  For those of you who are new to all things Wuhoo you may not know that Sally is one of MY personal hero's.  I love her!  She has done more to inspire women to fitness than only other individual I know.  She also created something called Team Survivor Northwest which offers FREE exercise classes to cancer patients and survivors.  Oh sorry I got a little off track... my bad!  This is an all women's event and I can assure you that YES you too can complete a triathlon.  I have personally helped coach over 150 women across the finish line of their first triathlon.  They've been ALL shapes, sizes and ages - from very fit to over a 100 pounds overweight, from 22 years old to 63 years old and everywhere in between!  This is one big party that celebrates women AND any cancer survivor or patient gets to do the event for FREE.  The proceeds goes toward Team Survivor Northwest which is what?  That's right!  A GREAT cause!

3rd Annual Cycle the WAVE all womens bike ride Sunday September 19th   Even though this event is on the same day as the Trek which I will be doing I believe in this event with ALL my heart.  This is an all women's event that has 3 different distances and 100% of the proceeds goes to Eastside Domestic Violence.  The WAVE stands for Women Against Violence EVERYWHERE!  Here's the link to hear the interview with Ride Director Sharon Anderson on Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha

There are LOTS more fabulous events coming up over the next few months - there's a 5K walk/run, a swim, a triathlon, a bike ride or something any given weekend with YOUR name on it. 

In fact you can even get your fitness in by showing up for a cause like People For Puget Sound they have restoration projects all around the Puget Sound and need people to help 'garden' if you will...  To find out more about People For Puget Sound here's a link to the interview I did with Deputy Director Heather Ritts on Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha.

I invite you to get out there today and become an activist through fitness - you never know what will happen.  You may discover a whole new you or rediscover a part of you that you didn't know was missing.

Here's to You in Health, Wellness and Fitness,

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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