What's Your Story?

About a month ago I met with a wonderful animal communicator by the name of Joan Ranquet she met and had a chat with both Clyde T. Dog and Teddy.  It was fascinating and I must admit surprising to hear what she had to say about both of them.  What came as no surprise was that they both loved me but you don't need to be an animal communicator to see that.

What didcome as a surprise was the information that she shared about them that she had no way of knowing because I hadn't told her.  For example Teddy shared with her that I ride heavier on my right side than my left.  Joan had no way of knowing that I sustained a serious soft tissue injury to my left ankle a little more than a year ago. Hmmmm.  There were other things she shared about both of them but today's post is about stories.

Joan gently pointed out that Clyde was at one time a rescue but since he had been a member of our family for going on 5 years that title or 'story' no longer fit.  In fact that 'story' was preventing him from becoming the dog he couldbecome.  Again hmmmmm.  After my visit with Joan I purchased her book Communication with All Life and began reading about all sorts of stories.  Well for those of you who know me personally and those of you who have been reading these posts you know I think a LOT! And my conversation with Joan along with her book got me thinking about stories especially the ones I tell myself as well as the stories that I see my friends, family members and clients tell themselves.

The stories we tell ourselves and others are 'real life' stories, the universe makes sure that our stories are true because we are the 'authors' so they MUST be true.  These stories are all powerful and very, very real.  Here are some examples of stories from my own life.

I was raised in a very abusive home, so abusive I have had to deal with and heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.  I discovered drugs and alcohol at a very early age to help me 'cope' which lead to a drug and alcohol addiction.  Happily I have been clean and sober since October 1985.  It would be easy for me to harbor feelings of resentment and even rage towards both of my parents but at the end of the day how would that benefit me?

I can choose to tell the story of how horrible, abusive and neglectful my parents were or I can see them for the flawed, scared, hurt individuals that they are and treat them with compassion and grace.  When I come into a situation with compassion and grace I allow others to as well which changes the dynamic dramatically. 

Another story example is one I am currently experiencing in regards to my horse Teddy.  The 'rescue' that facilitated the introduction through a series of events is making the lives of myself, his former owner and the women who cared for him until he came into my life difficult to put it mildly.  You see the 'rescue' never had any legal claim to Teddy so was not in a position to adopt him out.  I have a bill of sale from the former owner stating that he is mine which the 'owner' of the 'rescue' is fighting.  Lawyers are now involved which is an incredible waste of time, energy and resources all to what end?

During this whole ordeal which has been going on for a little over a month my emotional state has been all over the map.  When I got my first snot gram from her pro bono attorney my emotional state hit an all time low because of the story I was telling myself which based firmly in fear and uncertainty.  When I realized what an amazingly negative true story I was telling myself I decided right then and there to do something different.

I made the decision to edit this story and do a MAJOR rewrite about this situation.  I decided to trust that the universe and God had mine and Teddy's best interests at heart and that only good would come from this unpleasant situation.  I began reaching out to my community in a positive way and in doing so a dear friend put me in contact with an attorney who is 'The' specialist and 'Go To Guy' for other attorneys for matters involving animal law.  When I explained the situation to him he reassured me that I was in very good and capable hands.

I admit that it's WAY easier to rewrite sentences or paragraphs within our stories rather than chapters bu it IS possible.  Another smaller example of a rewrite involves Teddy and mud puddles.  Teddy does NOT like going through mud puddles, because I've experienced this with him I 'know it's coming' so I expect it which leads to a battle if I decide that he needs to go through it.  I decided to rewrite the puddle story and I pictured in my mind Teddy easily going through the middle of a puddle easily and without any fuss at all.  It's not perfect yet but it is WAY better than it used to be because of the true story I now tell myself about Teddy and mud puddles.

What True Story are you telling yourself about your life?  Is it one of peace, love, adundance and joy?  Or is it possibly one of scarcity, challenge and fighting for everything you get?  Or somewhere in between?  Each one of us has the power in every moment of every day to do a rewrite - large or small -or an edit with whatever story we're currently telling ourselves if it is not the story that we want.

Today I am choosing to tell my True Story of Love, Compassion, Abundance, Peace and Harmony in which all my dreams come true.  Mine's a real life true action, adventure, romantic comedy, love story.  What story will you be telling yourself today - What's YOUR story?  Make it a best seller because you deserve it!

PS Thanks Joan for getting me thinkin'!  Listen to my radio show interview with Joan

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