Rediscovering Recess (TM)

What does Recess mean to you?  For me recess is all about fun, laughter, movement and most importantly doing what I want to do with my time NOT what someone else wants me to do.  I'm disturbed by the number of people I interact with that live for the weekends which are all too short because they spend the majority of their lives doing things they don't enjoy because they have to.  Or at least that's the way they see it.

If you could do anything - and I do mean anything - and money was not a part of the equation what would it be?  Be honest, resourceful and do your best not to fall into the "I'd play golf all day" trap.  It's easy to be flip and say that "If I didn't have to work another day in my life I'd do ______ all day!"  It may sound really appealing to read all day, play golf all day, watch TV all day or whatever it is that you'd liek to do but never seem to have time for.  The reality is that most of us would be bored senseless doing 'X' all day after about the second or third day.

It makes me sad when I ask people about their dreams or where they want to be 6 months, a year, 5 years from now they can't answer me and what's worse they can't even tell me about things that they really enjoy doing.  Where's the recess in their lives?  I don't want to sound like I am so goal motivated that there's no room for spontaneity because that is not the case at all!

The fact is that we will all 'end up' somewhere and it might as well be somewhere we enjoy right?  The only way to ensure that we'll end up in a place we enjoy is to plan to end up there, figure out how to get there and then take action.  A great way to get started is by creating what I call a 'Master Calendar' complete with color coding.  Put all of your current committments on the schedule then color code each 'catagory'.  What I mean by this is work can be dark green (for money), date nights can be red, family time can be purple, spirituality can be light blue, personal time can be yellow - and make sure there IS personal time!  Oh and make sure to include any TV or computer time you do that isn't work related.

I'm sure that you've gotten the idea about color coding..... now look at the month as a whole to see where you may be out of balance.  It's my belief that it's impossible to have daily balance or even weekly balance but monthly balance is absolutely achievable.  If you know where you are it's a lot easier to figure out how to create the changes you want.

Next is to make a list of things that you enjoy doing or would like to try doing.  Take that list and add it to your master schedule.  Make a date with your self and make sure to take it as seriously as one you make with someone else because YOU are very, very important.  Getting control of your time and making a list of things you enjoy or wan tto try will get you started Rediscovering Recess on your life!  Go Play!!!

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Here's to You in Health, Wellness and Fitness,

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