My Whirlwind Adventure as a Guest on the Dr. Phil Show

You never know what can happen when you answer an email!  Janet Powers the creator of Diva ToolBox sent out an email asking if anyone had been fired from a job or not gotten a job based on their appearance.  I replied to her email that I had indeed not gotten a job based on my appearance and quite honestly I thought nothing more about it.A couple of weeks later I got a call from a research assistant for the Dr. Phil show.  This first phone call turned into numerous calls and emails which resulted in being flown down to LA to be a guest on the Dr. Phil show.  Even though I had no idea what to expect I began to fantasize about what could and would happen.  I mean after all once Dr. Phil met me and chatted with me for a little while he would realize how brilliant I am and that I needed to become his fitness expert. Right?

The whole process was surreal, last minute and chaotic.  I found out late Saturday afternoon that I would for sure be on the Dr. Phil show. People kept asking me: what airline, would I get first class, would I get a car and driver, what hotel was I staying in, what would I be doing on the show and all I could answer them is I don't know.  My flight left on Tuesday afternoon and I received my travel documents on Tuesday morning - talk about last minute!

The outpouring of love and support from family, friends, clients and colleagues was almost overwhelming.  Professional image consultant and owner of Closet Fly Mayna Sgaramella McVey came over to my house at the last minute to help me pick out my outfit for the show and Joanie Hirshman owner of Consider Yourself Skin Care came in on her day off to make sure my brows were perfect.  I swear that I felt everyone's prayers and thoughts of calm repeatedly washing over me for at least 48 hours! 

As I was waiting for my flight to board there was an announcement that there was room in first class for a $50 upgrade.  Since Dr. Phil bought my ticket I thought why not!?!  And so my Rock Star adventure began.....

Upon arrival in LA I was met by a woman driver holding a sign with my name on it who grabbed my bags and loaded me into a Town Car that whisked me away to the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.  The car was met by a bellman and I was ushered into the 4 star hotel.  My room even had a view of the Hollywood sign!  The hotel is located on the Hollywood Blvd which I explored.  It was such a treat to see the stars in the sidewalk and Mann's Chinese Theater.  I ordered a Filet Mignon from room service for dinner, pressed my clothes then settled down to sleep. Ya right!  I did focus on staying centered through deep breathing and meditation which helped a LOT.

The morning came I got ready and was whisked away to the studio for my moment of glory.  Remember Dr. Phil was going to realize my brilliance and have me as a regular on his show right?  I arrived at the studio and was met by controlled chaos.  I met some of the other guests, we exchanged pleasantries and then we proceeded to wait.  Then it was time to get 'mic'd up' and receive our marching orders.

We were each strategically placed in the audience - I assumed that we would go up on stage at some point and were placed in the audience until it we were needed.  After all I was told by a producer that I would be on stage so that's what I expected.  Well the show started and the panel of experts were seated up on stage to discuss the topics for the show: Culture Bias, Racial Bias and Beauty Bias.  As the stars and experts discussed these topics Dr. Phil would cut to the guests in the audience to ask for their input.

When it was time for the Beauty Bias segment Dr. Phil asked "Jennifer - do you think that beauty bias exists?"  I replied yes told my story then he cut for station identification.   I was all ready to discuss the topic further but he was ended the show.  That's it I was done my stardom on the Dr. Phil show came screeching to a halt.   The mic was taken off and I were escorted out of the studio to wait for my car to collect me to take me back to the airport.  I hadn't even gotten a chance to meet Dr. Phil! 

I was extremely disappointed and was feeling rather sorry for myself - I had so much more to say.  I was thinking - "I was flown all to LA to answer one question that took me maybe two minutes to answer!"  What gives?!?!?  AND I hadn't even gotten a chance to meet Dr. Phil!

As I was waiting for my car Dr. Phil walked by and I asked if he could take a moment to let me have my picture taken with him.  Even though he was in a tremendous hurry he very graciously said yes.  He then went on to tell me that I had done a great job, I spoke articulately, concisely and to the point.  I in turn graciously told him that I would be happy to come back and be a guest any time.  I'm sure he gets that a lot.

What I've shared with you today is pretty much just the 'facts' and there is SOOOO much more about this whole experience that I will be sharing after I've had a chance to process things a bit more.  When all is said and done it was a Grand Adventure and one I am so very grateful to have had.


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