That's Just Not Fair

It's hard sometimes to understand the things that happen in life, especiallythe things that are so blatantly unfair.  Four years ago my oldest sons best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia - he was a freshman in high school.  A few weeks ago he was taking care of last minute things before spending his second year of college studying abroad - first a semester in China and then a semester in Denmark.  During a routine exam it was detected that his Leukemia had come back.  So much for studying abroad.  He had only been home for two days after his first round of aggressive chemo and had to return to the hospital.

He's been in the hospital for going on three weeks and the doctors can't figure what's wrong with him.  They can't give him anymore chemo until they are able to determine what's making him so sick.  He's 19 and essentially a prisoner in a hospital room.

I visited him today bearing Gatorade, Chocolate soy milk and a HUGE eyeball balloon - I REFUSED to reinforce his illness by getting him a 'get well' balloon.  I'd rather keep an eye on him anyway.  He loved the balloon and seeing him smile was one of those purely bittersweet moments.  I was just as thrilled to see him smile as I was crushed that I had to be in a hospital to see it.  My heart broke the whole way over to see him, during the entire visit and it's still breaking as I write this post.  I did my best to crack jokes, get him caught up on our families 'current events' and compassionately listened as his Mom shared about their journey over the last few weeks.

At times like these I am struck by the contrast between what people perceive as being a problem in their life versus having a real problem.  During my life I've had many 'problems' some which were of the roll your eyes variety while others were very real problems.  Getting a scratch on the car or flunking that test or not getting that promotion or that sale or that..... fill in the blank is NOTHING compared to what's REALLY important.  To me the most important thing in this world is making sure the people in my life KNOW how much I love them and how much they mean to me because without those people my life is meaningless.

As I was walking into the hospital today I was struck by the realization I had when my brother died - you never know who you can count on when you really need someone until you really need them.  The people that I thought I could count on were no where to be found while people I never DREAMED of counting on were there by my side.

I'll be visiting my Son From Another Mother in the hospital as much as possible not for me, not for my own son, not for his Mom or even his family I'm doing it for him.  I want to make sure that he understands beyond a shadow of a doubt how important HE is to me and what a difference he's made in the life of my son and our family.  If I could get out of EVER being in another hospital for the rest of my life I'd do it in a heart beat.  Only that's something that's not likely to happen because if someone I love needs me I'll be there just like people who loved me were there for me when I needed them.

Life's not fair which is why it is so very important to appreciate everything that is good in our lives.  To celebrate all the blessings that we receive this day and every day.  To relish each moment of joy we experience, each laugh, every smile, every tender moment, the gentle breeze on our face, the sun, the rain, the freedom to get up every day. 

Today I ask you to think about what's really important to you and to ask yourself "what do I 'wish' my life was like?" I challenge you to start moving in the direction of your answer because quite frankly we just don't have time to wait around for someday because we might not get the chance to live that long.

Start living your dream life today.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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