The single MOST important thing you can do for your health

I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog.  It's funny how things come up in life that can distract me from doing the things I don't want to do as well as the thing that I DO want to do!  My husband Mike was telling me about a great video he watched on the other day that really made an impact on him.  I looked it up and had to keep myself from telling the screen over and over and over I'VE BEEN SAYING ALL OF THIS FOR YEARS!!!! 

I love the format that this information is presented in, I love the simple high impact science behind the information and I just plain LOVE the information!  It's a short, fun, easy to watch video about the one simple most important high impact thing you can do everyday for your health.  Please watch the video, share the video and most importantly DO what the video suggets.

Here's to you in Health, Wellness and Fitness!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Fitness

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