A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

It is a beautiful and yet unusually cold morning as I sit down to write this post. So much has happened in the time between this post and my last post. I had NO idea that I would find myself where I am today living the life that I'm living. Today my life is filled with Love, Peace, Connection, Joy & TRUE Friendship. It's a FAR cry from the darkness & despair that I lived the majority of my life in.  


The darkness & despair came from growing up in an extremely physically violent house where I was told that I had no worth, I wasn’t wanted & that I was a burden taking up space better used by others. Very early in my life I turned to drugs, alcohol & risky behavior to numb the pain & keep the darkness at bay. I was well on my way to being a statistic when I saw the light... it was blue & behind me pulling me over for a DUI when I was 20.  


That was the real beginning of the FANTASTIC journey that I've been on ever since. I've been through a LOT of therapy which has provided incredible healing. The most profound healing has come as the result of my horse Teddy. We had a rather tumultuous beginning to say the least! I'd only been taking riding lessons for a little over a year when I decided that I NEEDED a horse. You see I'd wanted a horse as far back as I can remember but never had one in my life in any capacity.


When a person gets their first horse the smart thing to do is get what's called a 'school master', essentially a very well trained horse that will babysit a beginner. I don't always do things the easy or the smart way... Teddy was an off the track race horse who had raced for 9 years that was going to be put down because he was overly aggressive. When I met him he was in a rescue, I knew that he wasn't trained but I also knew that he was kind. My heart just knew. He was my horse.


Both of our learning curves were STEEP to say the least LOL! As I was feeling my way through learning horsemanship skills as well as how to ride, I discovered that there was a direct parallel between what I was going through with Teddy and what I was living out in my human relationships. I began to notice the darkness receding further and further the deeper my connection with Teddy became.


About two years after I had gotten Teddy I decided that I really wanted to share the incredible healing power of horses with others which is how I found the Touched By a Horse Equine Assisted Gestalt Coaching certification program. I graduate from the program in April after 240 in person, intense training hours along with 100 hours of class time, plus homework & 1 on 1 coaching time with my own coach for a grand total of 400 hours of training.  

The Touched By a Horse program literally has changed my life in so many wonderful and positive ways. Ways that I never imagined when I began this miraculous journey. I have no idea where my journey down this path will lead in the end but I DO know it will be wondrous. It will be filled with even MORE love, peace, fellowship, connection & continued personal growth. 

 If you are curious about what Equine Assisted Gestalt Coaching IS please come to one of the drop in coaching groups I offer the 2nd & 4th Friday of every month from 2-4 PM. No horse experience needed just curiosity and a willingness to discover.  It's only $30 per person, if you bring a friend then it's only $30 for both of you.


Here's to you in Wellness, Fitness and Health!

Jennifer Malocha CEO of Fun at Wuhoo Coaching



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