What’s New with Wuhoo?

It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of my brand new website complete with members only area. Wuhoo Fitness has a new look, a newsletter, a blog, podcasts and much, much more! In addition to the new look Wuhoo Fitness has two new services to help you be successful - Club Wuhoo and eTraining. My vision for Club Wuhoo is to create a community where people can go to get the latest scientific information about fitness and nutrition, learn more about wellness, have a reliable support system, the ability to schedule and track their workouts as well as track and plan their meals. Club Wuhoo has way too many benefits and features to list in this newsletter so log onto www.wuhoofitness.com to learn more.

I am also very excited about my brand new eTraining service. In a nut shell eTraining is virtual personal training. For those of you who have said to me that you wish that I could come to you I say your wish is my command! My new eTraining program allows me to create personal training programs for you and track your progress virtually. Each training program comes complete with video clips of each exercise so you will be able to see what the exercise looks like along with proper form. Just like Club Wuhoo there are just too many bells and whistles to list so log onto www.wuhoofitness.com to learn more.