A Note from Jen

I was asked to speak to my sons’ high school PTSA which was both and honor and an opportunity to educate and hopefully wake up parents. Unless you cocoon yourself away from all the media you will have heard that our nation’s youths are getting more and more unhealthy. I read an article about a study that was presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association that found that 16.3% of us children and teenagers are obese and that a separate 15.6% are overweight – that’s 31.9% of our nation’s youths who are headed for some serious health problems. The study found that the arteries of many of the youths in the study were as thick and stiff as those of 45 year olds. Unless things change these kids will be having heart attacks and strokes in their 20’s and 30’s.

The conclusion that most people jump to is that it is the fault of the video game industry. I challenge that. After all who buys the games and gaming systems? Who allows these kids to play these games and who does all the food shopping? As a parent of two teenage sons I will be the first to admit that it is WAY easier to just let them zone out with electronics however easier is not better. In order to start raising a nation of fit kids we as parents have to start a family fitness habit. Kids’ watch what we adults do and don’t do and then they follow in our footsteps.

It’s not just parents who can make a difference ALL of us can make a difference in the lives of children. Take walks with family members, go to the public pool to swim, give the gift a fitness class or activity at the local community center that gets the children in our lives engaged in something other than electronics. Make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of unhealthy food that comes into the home and do your best to increase overall activity. We all love our kids and want the very best for them and sometimes that means saying no. What can you do to help create a healthier life for the children in your life?

Here’s to you in health,

Jennifer Malocha CEOF – Chief Executive Officer of Fun!