Did you know that exercise is cumulative? What on earth do you mean by that Jen? The American College of Sports Medicine published a study which states that the physiological benefits of three (3) ten minute (10) bouts of exercise that elevate your heart rate is similar to thirty (30) minutes of continuous exercise. In plain English this means that you can break up a 30 minute workout into three (3) ten (10) minute segments to do throughout the course of your day and gain similar health benefits as if you did a 30 minute cardio workout. Another way to fit fitness in is to get up and move around during the commercials. A one hour show has up 20 minutes of commercials which means that if you watch an hour of TV a day you could get in a 20 minute workout. If you are ‘strapped’ to your desk all day just set an alarm on your calendar to get up and get moving for 10 minutes. This will actually help you be more productive when you start working again. Exercise has been shown to help increase mental clarity which increases your ability to focus – all good things!