Wuhoo Fitness Coaching Testimonials

Jennifer has been an absolute delight for both me and my clients.  She setup a beautiful at-home weight training program specifically geared to my hectic lifestyle and physical needs.  I love my program, I love the care and attention Jennifer gave to both designing it and ensuring I correctly carried it out and I love that I can send my patients to her knowing they are in competent hands.

Dr. Jean Lawler, Naturopathic Physician - Client

Jennifer is a skilled and passionate personal trainer who truly aims to empower individuals of all skill levels in learning how to love being fit and active.  She has an outrageously positive attitude that cannot help but enliven those around her.  She has excellent skills at creating realistic and effective changes in the lives of those seeking to be more physically enthused and vital.

Dr Serena McKenzie Naturopathic Physician - Client

Jennifer Malocha is simply a fantastic personal trainer and inspiring wellness coach.  I have referred many clients to Jennifer with full confidence.  She has a special place in her heart for working with people who are inactive.  In a field of under qualified personal trainers, Jennifer is trained, certified, experienced and gifted beyond words.  I recommend Jennifer because I know that they will be trained safely and effectively.  She is a welcome part of my health team.

Angie Pifer Certified Nutritionist - Client

I've worked with Jennifer both on an individual basis, as well as in several of her group clinics.  I've worked with other trainers, but none of them have inspired me to experience fitness in the way that Jennifer has.  She is very knowledgeable and designs programs to meet specific goals - for me it started with putting together a strength training workout that I could do at home or when I travel.  Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious; she has challenged and encouraged me to do everything from a 5K run to a sprint triathlon.  Working with Jennifer, I've learned how to have fun in my workouts.  As a result, I no longer look at exercise as something I have to do, but rather it is something I enjoy doing.  Jennifer has real passion for what she does: as her client, you know that she will do everything she can to help and support you as you work towards your goals.  Whether you're looking for your first personal trainer, or you're more experienced with personal training, Jennifer is a fabulous coach and can help you meet whatever your fitness goals are!

Loralie Levenhagen - Client

I would recommend training with Jennifer to everyone.  She has the patience and knowledge to work with athletes of any experience including children and senior citizens.  My first encounter with Jennifer was rehab for an injury (self caused water skiing injury).  She has encouraged me to believe that I am capable.  And you know what? I am!  Jennifer is my biggest fan.  She cheers me on even when I don't think that I can do another crunch or push up.  I look forward to both my personal training and my group training sessions.  Even if I'm in a bad mood when I get there, I always leave in better spirits.  Jennifer has proved to me (even when I didn't believe her) that with the correct exercise I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.

Martha Tackett - Client

I am a former client of Jennifer Malocha and Wuhoo Fitness.  You see, I worked with Jennifer for over a year.  During that time, I lived in an attitude of resistance, so I certainly wasn’t putting my best self into my training sessions.  I slacked off on doing what Jennifer asked of me.  There came a point when Jennifer reminded me I am the only one in control of my life.  She wisely counseled that I take responsibility for myself.  I came to realize she was absolutely correct and agreed with her when she said that until I changed my attitude, she couldn’t continue to work with me.  Because of Jennifer’s honesty and her belief that, indeed, I can and should be the best I can be, I sought psychological help.  I am currently on a journey of healing. Jennifer is “A-#1” in my opinion and it won’t be long before I’m back working with Wuhoo Fitness!  

Mickey Zunick - Client

I worked with Jennifer for ski conditioning.  Since I’d previously had ACL surgery, I needed to strengthen my legs and improve my overall condition.  I had such a great time working with Jennifer that my “short-term” training ended up lasting an entire year.  Jennifer helped me learn proper exercises for my specific needs and she pushed me just enough that I kept improving without overdoing it and hurting myself.  She gave me tools to continue a quality workout on my own.  I recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to improve their physical health.  She listens and responds to what each individual client wants and needs.  With Wuhoo Fitness and Jennifer Malocha, you are in good and capable hands!

Zenda Boss-Hall - Client

Working with Jennifer has inspired me in so many ways.  Jennifer has created different workout programs tailored to my specific needs.  Whether my program helped me work targeted areas or prepared me for skiing, I became physically stronger and much better toned.  Jennifer helped me become a stronger person mentally.  Through her wellness coaching and verbal support, I have made great progress in achieving my personal goals.  Jennifer is always positive and supportive.  Jennifer has truly enriched my life.  She has a great sense of humor and is genuinely interested in getting to know you.  She’s listens carefully to your needs so she can develop a program that is just right for you.

Laura Hitchens - Client

If you are looking to get back in shape, but hate the gym, can’t seem to get motivated and even if you feel motivated, you can’t seem to stick with it, you need a Wuhoo Fitness infusion!  Jennifer Malocha is realistic, authentic, creative and keeps her work-outs fun.  I was one of those “can’t-seem-to-stay-motivated, easily distracted” desk jockeys.  Now I’m a Wuhoo Fitness gal, having fun AND seeing results.  If you want someone to take a look at your whole fitness picture, get and keep you motivated and have fun while doing it, call Jennifer.

Sylvia Taylor - Client

In 2006, with great anxiety and a major lack of confidence, I signed up for Jennifer Malocha’s triathlon training course.  Jennifer’s training thoroughly covered each aspect of preparation for a sprint triathlon.  Not only did I learn proper form and technique, I learned bicycle maintenance, how to improve my cardiovascular fitness, and how to manage the logistics of transitions.  Of utmost importance, with Jennifer’s gentle encouragement I gained the self-confidence needed to show up at the start line full of excitement, not anxiety.  My first triathlon experience was a dream-come-true.  I owe it to Jennifer for helping me find the athlete inside myself.  In the summer of 2007, Jen asked me to be a workout leader for her triathletes-in-training and I was honored to accept.  I watched her work with women who had a variety of athletic abilities.  In each case, she personalized their training so they would find their own success.  The group was cohesive and supportive of one another.  On the day of the race, the celebration at the finish line was nothing short of amazing.  Jennifer Malocha’s experience and style made her the perfect coach for me.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking to find their inner athlete.

Erin Havens - Client

I had the opportunity to take part in one of Jennifer’s running classes.  I learned a lot and had the confidence to take part in the 5K run when the classes ended.  Later on in the year, I became one of her coaching clients.  It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me and helped me solidify some of my dreams and goals.  Her energy and spirit are contagious.  You can count on her to help you meet goals that are meaningful to you…not cookie cutter goals.

Jen Sagel - Client

I met Jennifer almost a year ago and her energy and enthusiasm are ALWAYS at the top of her attributes.  When I first met with Jennifer to discuss my fitness goals as they were then (read: “…drive to mailbox…”, “…aim remote at the TV…”), Jennifer was very encouraging and supportive of what I was looking to add to my non-existent exercise routine.  Jennifer is a COACH in the best sense of the term in that she will encourage and push you towards the goals and results YOU want.  She helps remind you of what you have asked her to remind you of and encourage you about.  You tell her what you want and she helps you with the attainable goals.  Jennifer is also incredibly knowledgeable on both the nutrition and athletic ends of your fitness plan.  She is a GREAT teacher.  She’ll make sure you understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing and how that will help you get to your goals.  What a great trainer, coach and friend!

Elizabeth Case - Client

I highly recommend Jennifer Malocha.  I have been training with Jennifer since 10/04.  I am very impressed with her knowledge about fitness and her ability to motivate me to reach my goals.  The changes in my strength and endurance have been amazing.  Working with Jennifer each week keeps me accountable to my own goals and, with her help, I am reaching them.

Jo Masterson - Client

Jennifer Malocha is a passionate, enthusiastic trainer and wellness coach.  She cares deeply about her clients and their success.

Margit Crane - Client

Jennifer is an inspiration to her clients and colleagues.  Her ability to create a supportive environment where people can achieve their fitness goals makes her an absolute asset on the journey toward a healthier you.  Her holistic approach of mind, body and spirit make her truly unique in her practice.

Debbie Whitlock - Client

Jennifer is truly a wonderful fitness trainer.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, but best of all, she makes fitness fun.  Jennifer is dedicated to your success and is one-of-a-kind.  I have worked with a few personal trainers in the past and Jennifer will not only meet your expectations, she will exceed them.  Wuhoo!

Beth Webber LMP - Client

We have been working out with Jennifer Malocha at Wuhoo Fitness for the last year-and-a-half.  We really like her positive attitude and ability to make working out fun and sustainable.  Jennifer has lots of experience and many credentials that she draws on to come up with just what we want and need.  For us, that includes working with her in her private studio and taking advantage of her special gift to tailor programs for us to use at home.  We think another special thing is her determination to avoid injuries by keeping in mind our specific physical abilities and limitations.  She both challenges us and makes the fitness programs achievable so that we continue to be motivated and continue to advance.

Noela & Mike Miller - Clients

Jennifer Malocha of Wuhoo Fitness Studio has ignited my fitness goals.  I came to Jennifer with both a knee and shoulder injury that has kept me out of the gym for two-and-a-half years.  After pre-workout conversations with Jennifer, I felt confident that she could keep me fit without incurring re-injury to my body.  Every week when I see Jennifer, she checks in with me to see how my progress is coming along with each area of concern.  I have continued to work on my core and slowly introduce, with complete and gentle guidance from Jennifer, strength- building exercises to the injured areas.  I am healing beautifully and am looking forward to regaining the mobility and strength I once had.  Thanks, Jennifer I look forward to our workouts every week for mind, body and soul! Your weekly encouragement means a lot to me.

Michelle Bayle-Zieman - Client

Jennifer is fantastic.  I can't say enough about her.  She makes working out FUN, but she's not one of those perky annoying trainers that you want to strangle.  Instead she's positive, encouraging and inspirational. I highly recommend her!

Pam Policastri - Client

Jennifer is a hero-maker. She brings out personal courage and helps you accomplish things you never thought you could do. I reached breakthroughs on every level working through her Rediscovering Recess program. I went from barely being able to walk a few blocks to being able to walk three miles with ease. Jennifer Malocha changed my life! My blood sugar and blood pressure are now normal and my cholesterol has dropped 200 points. I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward her. I have lost so much weight that people tell me I’m half the woman I used to be!

Sarah B. - Client