Horse Assisted Coaching

"Something has to change."

"I know I need to heal."

"The pain of staying where I am is greater than the fear of change."

I hear you.

You're willing to be brave and walk this path, you're prepared for the deep work ahead. 

And I'm here to tell you: you don't have to do it alone. 

When we have the right tools, anything is achievable. Wuhoo Coaching is your personal key to unlock a more joyful, integrated, and unapologetically YOU life. It's not going to be easy, but it is simple. It begins right here.


Founder Jennifer Malocha is a seasoned professional in personal and business development, and an intuitive human who deeply understands resiliency. Through her coaching, you’ll learn how to identify the roadblocks to your goals, and you’ll learn how to heal them, move forward, and thrive. 

What kind of coaching do you need?

Personal: Through 1:1 coaching, Jennifer can work with you to overcome challenges, heal, and rise to the occasion of your most spectacular life.

Professional: Whether a 1:1 or a team-building experience, you’ll leave your session feeling more confident, attuned to your goals, and less stressed. 

Physical: Disconnections and pain can be teachers. In your time with Jennifer, you’ll get to know your pain, where it's taken root, and the ways you can move through it and into a more embodied life.

Emotional: We are our emotions. You’ll learn about the roots of your feelings and how to tend to them, care for them, and release what no longer serves.

Spiritual: Craving an understanding of something bigger than yourself? Or perhaps just more of yourself? Connect with your deepest wisdom, highest + truest self, and feel your sparkle.

Pushing on edges and overcoming challenges can be scary–– and we're not going to take you to places you're not ready to go. 

Here, you are safe. Here, you are honored. Here, you are witnessed, held, and encouraged.

"I felt so seen. To my core, seen." - Jacque T. Seattle

No matter who you are, or where you’re at on your path, Wuhoo Coaching is designed to meet you, see you, and help you manifest the life you crave. 

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For me, the greatest impact working with Jennifer was the realization of my greatness. How valuable, smart, capable, spiritually sound and trustworthy I am because I’m trustworthy. This is HUGE!

Not knowing my value and my worth led me to choose unhealthy relationships, I allowed others to treat me disrespectfully, I didn’t know how to have healthy boundaries or to have boundaries at all unless I was angry. Now, after my life changing, life transforming work with Jennifer, I KNOW my worth. I KNOW my value and I KNOW that I can accomplish ANYTHING!

I’m now relieved of the bondage of fear that held me prisoner for so many years. My life is filled with peace and I trust myself - I’m FREE!
— Brenda B. OR