Meet Jennifer Malocha

For years, Jennifer's clients have included people from all walks of life who are seeking personal growth by focusing on their overall well BE-ing. She has assisted people in eliminating the pain of their past that is impacting their present keeping their future hostage. Her coaching style is enthusiastic but gentle — determined, yet playful. Focusing on their emotional and spiritual well being as well. 

Jennifer helps her clients journey to depths they never knew they possessed to discover strengths they never knew they had. This empowers and teaches clients how to create and step into the life of their dreams

Her passion is to help people open their hearts to discover their passion, to help them see things in a bold new way and to stretch farther than they ever thought they could.  The key to a truly happy and successful life she feels is in strengthening and deepening communication and connection with ourselves in order to do the same with others.

Jennifer has coached many of her clients to successes beyond their original goals.  Along the way, her clients have found a deeper, clearerconnection with themselves, the world around them, and those who they share their lives with. Jennifer's clients experience greater peace and joy in their lives.

Jennifer offers both personal and group coaching. Some of the reasons people hire Jennifer as their coach include:

  • Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Feeling 'stuck' and unable to move forward

  • Release and healing of a Deep Trauma or Loss

  • Recovery support for Teens in active recovery

  • Family Team Building

  • Corporate Leadership

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Achieving a Health or Fitness Goal

  • Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

 Jennifer holds a fitness degree with certifications from ACSM, NSCA, AEA, ACE. She is a WellCoaches™ Certified Wellness Coach. She also holds a certification in Animal Communication, Reiki and Indigenous Wisdom Studies.

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